Searching for planes: Point and Shoot


We’ve recently got into Planes (the movie). And Planes 2. Harry got them for Christmas from his darling Nanny and Grandad.

The star of Planes is Dusty Crophopper, and every time we see a plane go overhead in the sky, Harry thinks that it is him. And gets super excited!

Except that Harry can’t say Dusty Crophopper – well, after all, he is only 2!

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What it really feels like to go through IVF

What it's REALLY like to go throughYou have either been through IVF, or know someone who has had it.

It is pretty common these days. Lots of people are going through it. It’s pretty normal.

But that doesn’t mean to say that it’s easy….when it’s you who’s THAT person.

If you had told me (during the time that we were struggling to get pregnant) that after x3 rounds of IVF we would conceive and give birth to healthy boy & girl twins, I would have skipped into the clinic and said to the nearest Doctor – “Bring it on!”. Because that was one of my main problems with IVF. I had no idea whether it would work or not, and each failed cycle made me feel more anxious and frightened that it wasn’t bringing us the baby that we were longing for.

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The three things I love about the City of Chester


We lived in Chester.

I have worked in Chester.

Hubby currently works in Chester.

So it’s fair to say that we know Chester quite well. It’s steeped in history (it was a Roman Fortress 2,000 years ago) and yet also has a nice mix of thoroughly modern buildings and facilities.

What’s not to like about Chester?!

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Fashion for little girls

_MG_7384Lottie (at 2 years and 4 months) is fast becoming a little fashionista. She can literally wear anything and look cool and trendy (well, I think so anyway).

She can wear jogging pants and a t-shirt and look so cute and stylish. Or, when she dresses up in a dress she looks pretty, but she can also pull off a tom-boy look too!

She’s my mini fashion project!

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Sunday Stars linky


Welcome to another week of the Sunday Stars linky.  THE place to share your favourite posts each week.

This linky has become so popular, so thank you everyone for joining in!

As you know a few of us take it in turns each week to host however we will all be commenting and re-tweeting throughout the week. This week it’s my turn together with Karen from Mini Travellers – we can’t wait to read your posts!

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