Favourite holiday destinations

Mauritius 2011 041

Hubby and I have been to some amazing places on holiday over the years together before we had our beautiful twins! Here are some of our favourite holiday destinations!

1. Dubai

Hubby and I stayed 5 nights here. We were in a lovely hotel overlooking a beach. It was quite expensive (as a place) and is quite hotel based, but is a great place to get away to during the winter months – as it gets very hot.

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A weekend in Worcester


Hubby and I have just been away for a few days to Worcester. I’ve never been before and I was excited to visit!

We stayed centrally, and could therefore walk into the centre.

Worcester is full of superb architecture and impressive buildings. Beautiful old historic places, alongside new, modern shops and restaurants.

Saturday night we had a gorgeous Thai meal (our favourite cuisine as we have been there many times on holiday!). We were so full! Then we had a few drinks in a few local bars.

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Should we get a puppy?


Hubby and I are in two minds. We’d love a puppy for our little family, and yet we really don’t fancy the work that comes with it.

However we know how much the twins would adore a pet dog.

Sadly we lost our family dog Stanley, an English Springer Spaniel last year. It was a really difficult time for us, and we found it very heartbreaking. Hubby and I rescued Stanley when he was around 2 years old from a specialist Springer Spaniel rescue centre. He was just perfect. OK he was quite nervous to begin with (we didn’t have much of his history) but he soon loved us and became a VERY special part of the family.

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