The Friday Blog Shout Out, and the blogs I love to read

The-2You may have noticed (if you are on Twitter), that every Friday I do a ‘Friday-blog-shout-out’. This is a tweet, which contains a blog that I have either just discovered, or been reading for some time, to share with my followers.

I started it because there are so many fantastic and diverse blogs out there – and I wanted to share some love for the truly brilliant ones. I am still overwhelmed at the amount of talent within blogging, and I do love to find a great blog that makes me want to keep returning.

This will be my 20th week this week – which I can’t believe!

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Winter hats…getting it right

Beret..-5When it comes to winter hats – I have a few. Some really suit me, some don’t!

My favourite?…Like the one above, I love a good bobble hat!

However, there are so many styles and choices, and some hats are better for different occasions. Below are my hats this winter, and what I am enjoying wearing. Plus – a good hat covers a bad hair day!!…BONUS!

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Let it snow!

Add a little bit of body textWhere we live, it has snowed quite a lot during the winter. We’re in a rural (ish) spot in North Wales, and we have had some fantastic snow over the last 4 years that we have lived here.

In particular, late 2012/early 2013, when it was so deep and all the power went off for days and we had to dig ourselves out and go to stay with a friend!

Now I am not saying that I want this again. No way! No thanks. I would just like to order some snow for the whole time that Hubby is off work over Christmas, so we can all go sledging! How much fun that would be!

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A hall-stairs makeover with photographs

_MG_3622I have a small but steep flight of stairs in our cottage, leading to our upstairs. It is narrow and feels dark.

It needed some TLC to bring it to life!

As I am obsessed with photographs I thought it was a quick, easy and cheap way of updating the walls. I visited a friends house recently who had a whole wall full of photographs and I loved it.

So, I have put some black and white framed pictures (frames are from various places, such as Ikea and B&Q) to give it a theme. And filled them with some of my favourite photographs of the years that Hubby and I have been together and some different memories. Including the pets we have had together, places we have been to and ones of family.

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Center Parcs – we are feeling Christmassy now!

_MG_4112As you know from my previous post, we went to Center Parcs in the Lake District this weekend. To the ‘winter wonderland’, with our twins Harry & Lottie, and our good friends and their little boy.

And as I type this tonight I am totally shattered from it!

The trip didn’t start all that well though. I trimmed Harry’s hair on the Thursday night before, and he moved and I took a huge chunk out…! Hubby was furious. So excuse his silly fringe (or lack of it). Bless him, he said he didn’t mind…but I learnt the hard way that I must never do that again and leave it to the professionals!

It is so lovely at Whinfell Forest, and so nice to get away from all the housework and the chores – however all the walking and the fresh air is exhausting! Leaving the car behind at the car-park and not using it all weekend is lovely, but makes you realise how lazy you are back at home!

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