Our summer holidays have officially begun. And, (to be honest), I don’t really know where the last school term went…it seemed to whizz by. But it’s been and gone now and the school holidays have arrived. 6 weeks of not having to be anywhere; no preschool run or routine! The twins attend the preschool of a local primary school and so they mirror their timetable; meaning that they have now broken up too until September. There… View Post

One of our favourite things to do together – the twins and I – is to make home-made smoothies in our kitchen! The kids love them! I try to make one each day, or every other day, for the children…either after their lunch, or with their breakfast. It is such a great way of getting them interested in and enjoying their fruit and helps towards their 5-a-day portions. Plus they absolutely love helping Mummy in the kitchen… View Post

Hello, and a very warm welcome back to our lovely home & interiors linky, Home Etc. I hope you’re all enjoying the UK heatwave! Just WOW! Caro, my very good friend — The Twinkle Diaries — and I are absolutely delighted to host Home Etc, a weekly linky club for bloggers to share any posts that include interiors, garden, DIY, crafting or up-cycling. Basically if it’s home or garden related, you are more than welcome to join in! Let’s get… View Post

For a lot of parents, designing a child’s room is a wonderful and generous experience. I like the idea of putting together a special place just for the kid (or kids, if you have several!), and it’s fun to put together a space just for their benefit. Plus, you can indulge a few latent childhood passions along the way—you may love zoo animals, and this is your chance to put them on wallpaper! But for a lot… View Post

A few years ago, if you had said to me, you are going to be a self-employed freelance writer, working for yourself, I might have thought, “Yeah, I can see that“. I quite like working on my own, I’m pretty good with deadlines, plus I love writing. I was also probably at a natural conclusion to my 12-year HR profession. I am also a very driven person, thoroughly enjoy working from home and like being… View Post

Most people that read this blog know just how much I love my home office! I talk about it, photograph it, write about it…I adore it! It is because I spend quite a lot of time in it – I work in here 3 days a week when the twins are at preschool – on blogging and freelance writing related jobs. Therefore I have dedicated some time and effort into styling it. We moved into… View Post

Like most people, the childhood family album of my Sister and I is full of fashion mishaps and disasters that makes us all laugh out loud when flicking through. Dungarees and velvet dresses anyone? I am sure at the time my parents were well-meaning, plus, if I was anything like Lottie (my 4 year old daughter) then my Mum wasn’t allowed ANY say in what I wore either. It’s just not worth the huge tantrum is it?! But…yesterday’s fashion faux pas… View Post

The very last holiday that Hubby and I had before we had the children was to the beautiful island of Mauritius. That particular holiday will always hold a dear place in my heart, for little did we know that shortly after (as a result of our third round of IVF) we would be pregnant with twins! We have all just been on our first family holiday abroad (June 2016) and it has definitely fuelled our appetite for a great… View Post