Set of x4 prints giveaway – The Janet Bell collection

win!set of x4 prints

I love pictures for my home. I’m such a fan of photographs, prints and art.

That’s why I am delighted to be able to give away these x4 prints, by the artist Janet Bell. This includes a set of x4 (x1 large and x3 small) images of the Isle of Anglesey. They include paintings of cottages, Menai bridge, boats and an old lighthouse.

They are gorgeous and so striking. The colours are stunning.

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Styling the Seasons – March


March is exciting. Don’t you think? It feels that way already and we’re only literally days in. January and February now feel as though they were a long time ago.

There’s already been some sunshine (even though the air is still cold!). Mother’s Day is imminent. My niece turns 4 and we’re off to London to see them this weekend. And then soon, the clocks change again…meaning it gets even lighter this month.

February brought me new freelance work opportunities, and blogging has been busier than ever. So I’m focusing on my desk – as I work from home more and more.

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I heart cushions


Something is the matter with me. I have a serious addiction.

I am addicted to buying soft furnishings for our home. In particular, cushions. Every time I go into a store or shop online I love to look at (and buy) cushions!

I realise this is a bit random, but I am so drawn to pretty, colourful, lovely cushions.

Here are some from around our home. I’m loving the greys, pinks and purples at the moment.

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Enjoying the nice things

enjoying the-3

This isn’t a post about any one thing in particular; more a collection of nice things we’ve been up to this week.

On Friday the sun actually came out, and shone. I know. I was delighted too. I whisked the twins into the car and off we went to the local park, for some fresh air. I’d had a busy week with my new freelance role, and so that ‘Mummy-guilt’ was well and truly kicking in by Friday…and a trip out together was much needed.

We had the whole place to ourselves. Perfect. We didn’t stay too long; but it was long enough to smile, laugh, and play.

Fresh air is sooooo good for you. Good for us.

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