Play-dates: who are they really for?

P1000080It’s taken me ages to get the twins ready this morning. They’ve struggled to get dressed and fought with me to put their coats and shoes on. I’m running late.

It’s raining outside and it’s so cold.

We get in the car, arrive at a friend’s house and she makes me a well-needed cuppa. The twins eat biscuits. We’ve not been there long and already the twins are fighting with her little boy over his toys. Soon after Lottie has a huge tantrum. And then Harry won’t leave when it’s time to go.

It’s still only 11.15am. I’m exhausted already.

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The twins start pre-school in January: euphoria or anxiety?

P1000081Harry & Lottie are starting a playgroup / pre-school in January. It’s only 2 mornings a week (2.5 hours each session) and if I’m totally honest I’m quite looking forward to it. Not because I want to ‘get rid of them’ but it will just allow me to have a little bit of time to get some jobs done at home. Jobs, that are impossible to do, with little people around your feet!

And hopefully I’ll be able to develop my blog further. Start building on the freelance writing side of it – as well as the social media work that I’m currently undertaking for some clients.

And yet with this said – I am not actually quite sure how they will cope, seeing as they’ve been with me exclusively for the last 2 years or so. Will they thrive or will it make them less confident? I hope that they will enjoy the interaction with the other children, and doing all the different activities.

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Updating our home with old pieces

DSCN1930I’ve done a few posts now about Hubby and I being slightly fascinated with a bargain! Remember our up-cycling our table & chairs project? Well as you can see we love spending money on our family home in the countryside, but…we also like to save a few £’s too!

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New accessories for the twins new bedrooms

DSCN1947As you may remember, I have recently moved our two-year-old twins (Harry and Lottie) into their own bedrooms. This was a few months ago now – and so far, it has been going really well (fingers crossed). Both still get up around the same time (around 6.45am), and go to bed at the same time (7pm), but some days one will have half an hour longer sleep in the morning, or have a much longer nap than the other during the day. As a result of this they seem to be in better moods throughout the day.

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Getting ready: the ordinary moments

IMG_2948I don’t know about you, but in my house getting ready to go out in the morning is super-stressful. The twins seem to find the whole process hilarious, or annoying, and try their best NOT to let me get them dressed!

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