Tuesday morning was one of *those* mornings, a non-preschool day where I woke up and instead of taking an entire age to get everyone ready and then spend hours procrastinating around the house, I fancied doing something different with the children. Something other than the local park. I thought I’d try a local farm park – Top Barn Farm in Worcestershire – which made the twins shout “Hurrah!”. The weather was OK (a little cloudy… View Post

Hello, and a very warm welcome back to Home Etc! I have been away, sunning myself in gorgeous Rhodes, on our Mark Warner family holiday! It was SO amazing and beautiful – you can read all about it here! Caro — The Twinkle Diaries — has done a FAB job of hosting Home Etc alone over the last few weeks and I have enjoyed reading all the linked up posts. We are absolutely delighted to host Home Etc, a weekly linky club… View Post

One of the aspects that I love the most about living in the countryside (aside from the quiet, laid-back way of living – away from the hustle and bustle) is the changing seasons. We have now been living here in the Worcestershire countryside for almost a whole year now. It is completely different to rural North Wales (our previous home) and yet still equally as pretty and tranquil. When winter slowly fades away new life… View Post

I was chatting to some of my Mummy friends recently about the subject of children going to bed, as a few friends are having some issues. Discussing this subject really made me realise just how lucky we have been with our twins. Sure, they are little monsters for me in other aspects (they are FAR from perfect during the day!) but going to bed at night has ALWAYS been so easy for us. Including when they had nap-times too (they used to… View Post

Our recent family holiday to Rhodes, Greece had a lot to live up to. Primarily because it was our first ever holiday abroad together as a family of four. Previously (before we had the twins) Dave and I loved to travel and visited some amazing locations – and so we really wanted to make new some memories with Harry & Lottie that we could keep forever. Earlier this year we were really lucky to have… View Post

I spend a great deal of my time online. Whether it is for work or for social purposes, there is so much to gain from the web. Plus, if I need something then I can access it quickly, which is perfect because I have small children at home to look after and getting out to libraries and events is quite tricky. This goes for my learning too. In freelance writing and blogging there are so… View Post

Last year – my first ever BritMums Live – (hosted by the amazing team at BritMums) blew me away a little bit. It was far bigger, grander, glossier and more inspiring than I had anticipated. I am therefore feeling incredibly excited about attending it again this year…next weekend! One thing that I came away with, which was particularly buzzing around my head after the 2015 event, was that of ‘creativity‘. I mentioned it in my post at the time and… View Post

Parks have played such a huge part of our family life over the last 4 years. I have written many a blog post about our trips to the local park…and taken lots of snaps of the children there too! The twins and I love going to a park and playing – especially to our local one. We have actually been lucky where we have lived, both in this new house and previously in North Wales, because… View Post