What’s on my desk

What is on my desk

There’s not a week that goes past that I don’t mention (or at least hint at the fact) that I work from home, so apologies for that. But in my defence, when you work freelance/have your own home office it means a lot to you! Walking in to my iMac on my desk each morning after a crazy stressful school-run with the twins really can help to inspire me, calm me down, ready for a day of creating content ahead.

I change my desk layout up a lot, depending on the seasons or my mood. Right now I am favouring a warmer palette – both in my home and online. At this colder and bleaker time of year I like to feel cosy within our family house. I therefore currently like textures such as velvet, faux fur, wood and wicker alongside colours like gold, black, pink blush and white.

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I’ve recently created a mood board, which now sits on my desk in front of me, right where I can see it every day. This was because within blogging and Instagram I often find myself going off with crazy colour schemes & themes all the time and my head has felt quite muddled with it all lately. And whilst it is more than OK to be instant within blogging and not too themed, it’s still a good idea to have a coherent feel throughout everything.

I picked images that I liked from magazines I had lying around (using little thought, just whatever caught my eye). Then I stuck them all onto a board. Simples! It instantly made me realise the kind of colours and tones I like to see, as well as images that suit my own personality and style.

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I do this regularly on Pinterest and therefore already had a good idea as to the kind of colours and photography I favoured, but seeing it visually in my office every day is MUCH more effective.

Even though I spend a great deal of my day online I do also like magazines & books near me to pick up and flick through for inspiration. I find that sometimes I need to step away from the iMac to have a different kind of material to absorb information; fashion & lifestyle magazines and books really help me with this. I like Porter, Grazia, Red. I am also currently re-reading How to Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone (who discusses the importance of colours for businesses and blogs).

Because I am such an analyser I’m already thinking about what 2018 will hold for my blog, my social media management work as well as influencing in general. I’m currently collating my thoughts so I’ll come back to you soon about that one and you can see if you agree with me. Stay posted!


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