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Now that the twins are in full-time school I get asked ALL the time by friends and family whether or not I am busy enough these days! Which makes me laugh out loud! Not only does the day between 9am and 3pm go incredibly fast (it really does) but I have so much work and life stuff to cram into those week days that I have zero time to get remotely fed up or bored. I wish!

Right now I work as a freelance social media manager for several clients, but all on a small scale – a few hours maximum for each. So that’s a pretty manageable workload for a few part-time days a week. The other days during the week I work on this blog; managing my emails, doing invoicing, creating content & editing photography, as well as managing my own social media.

The other time during the week I will spend it seeing friends for coffee, going to the gym, meeting Hubby for lunch, going shopping, doing housework (boo!), cooking and running errands.

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On the days that I do work from home I tend to be pretty organised and motivated. I grab a coffee on the way home from the school run and then I’ll work away at my laptop or iMac until school pick up time. I might throw washing into the washing machine, unload the dishwasher & pick up toys, but generally I am sitting working hard on those days. I set myself a few goals to achieve that day (whether it’s scheduling content for a client to writing a blog post for this blog).

I have to be careful not to miss lunch, or let time run away with me because it is SO easy to spend a few hours absorbed in social media. And 3pm comes round so quickly each day! So I’ll get what I need to get done and then have time on my favourite social media platforms, such as Instagram.

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When the twins get home I put my laptop away for the day when I’ll read their new books with them and then make dinner whilst they play and watch TV. It’s actually really nice to be able to stop work at 3pm (and the huge benefit of what I do). I will check my iPhone for emails or post on social media from it later on throughout the evening though.

Like I said recently on Instagram working from home isn’t for everyone and although it looks like it’s amazing it can also be tough. Motivating yourself is by far the hardest part! Especially as some days I’ll slip into the Zara website and start daydreaming about buying lovely new clothes! Oooops.

I do, however, also love to be able to work from home or decide another day to go and work from a coffee shop if I’m a bit fed up and need a change of scenery. It’s just the best balance!

Love, Jess x

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  1. October 8, 2017 / 4:52 pm

    I can completely relate to this. When the kids are at school I will come home, empty the dishwasher, putting washing on and then sit at my desk. All day. I have to remind myself to stop for lunch and 3pm comes before I know it! x

    • Jess
      October 9, 2017 / 2:37 pm

      Thanks Donna! The school day goes so fast and I always want to achieve more but I end up feeling under pressure ha ha! I don’t know how you do it xx

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