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When I met Dave 11 years ago he was passionate about travel. His family had travelled a lot when they were younger and he was keen to explore and discover new places, food and cultures.

Me? I’d been to Ibiza with the girls (my first ever holiday abroad) been on a hen party to Portugal, as well as to Spain once or twice – and that was about it. So when he first suggested us going on holiday to places such as Egypt and the Far East I wasn’t so keen.

But. When we landed in Thailand I never expected to enjoy what I experienced. Amazing food, scenery, beaches, friendly locals and we had THE best fortnight. It was paradise and yet with a cool, party-vibe too. It was idyllic and I will remember it forever.

We loved the busy streets and mayhem of Bangkok, as well as the beautiful beaches of Koh Lak and Krabi.

Why Thailand and Bangkok is our top destination to travel Thailand is a top travel destination Picking our fairy-tale travel destinationThe beaches of Thailand are amazing - top destination

We have since been twice as we love it so much. We have also been to Dubai, Mauritius, Sri Lanka (and had amazing holidays) however Thailand will always remain one of our favourite places to visit – and we’d love to go again!

This would therefore be our top fairy-tale destination for us to take our boy & girl twins. They are both 5-years old and it is a destination that we would seriously consider taking them. Now that they can sit and watch films on a long haul flight, as well as travel better and cope with heat & fatigue, it’s definitely an option for us to go to in the next few years. We’d love to take them and experience street food and understand about Thai people and their culture. And hope that the place captures their hearts as much as it did for their Mum and Dad!

Netflights.com have complied a list which you can find here – with 11 amazing places and sights on it! Including France, Germany &  India.

So which one would you choose as yours?

Love, Jess x


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  1. July 9, 2017 / 4:58 pm

    You have been to some amazing places Jess. Dubai is high up on our list of travel at the moment, but debating whether to do it with or without the kids. Oh there is just too many places to go to in this wonderful world isn’t there x

    • Jess
      July 9, 2017 / 8:35 pm

      Absolutely! And we’d like to show the twins as much as we can before they fly the nest one day! xx

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