Travel tips, this summer

Travel tips with Tempur - the travel pillow we can't live without

With the summer holidays now here – and in full swing – there are so many people getting away for much needed family breaks. It’s so nice during the school holidays to be able to forget about the school run & usual routines, plus escape the house and spend some quality time away together.

For us, this summer, we have a family wedding away next weekend, a trip away later on in the month and various other family days out planned. Travel therefore forms a large part of the summer for us!

I find that these days (as a parent) staying happy and well rested is SUPER hard when we’re travelling about all over the place. The twins get bored, tired and fed up easily and we can all get on each others nerves pretty fast. I love seeing family and friends and experiencing amazing things, but I do get so tired when we are travelling as I have to make sure everything is packed and everyone else is OK! I therefore often miss my bed and home comforts when we are on-the-go so much.

My family 5 travel tips and staying organised and happy this summer would therefore be:

1/ Be prepared. 

When travelling with young children you need SO much to keep them entertained and happy. I always have a bag full of food, snacks, games, pens, notepads, magazines and drinks – so that we can keep them very happy! Being a little organised goes a long way.

2/ Take a pillow.

This Tempur Travel Pillow is so good! This small pillow is super soft. It is absolutely ideal for the children for napping on a plane or in the car, or for camping trips. Plus it is small and can be carried easily! Tempur really DO know how to do comfort and this product is exceptional. Keeping well rested when travelling is super important and means we enjoy our time away even better!

Tempur - travelling with the pillow and staying rested Travel in style - the Tempur pillow

Travel - the Tempur pillow for travelling with the family

3/ Traffic & delays.

Before you set off, check for traffic alerts. Make sure you have planned your route and allow extra time in case of disruption. Prebook any car-parking or hotels required. If you’re flying then when you arrive at the destination airport have pre-planned transfers arranged so that you aren’t waiting around, especially after a long flight.

4/ Take plenty of breaks.

We always add in stops or lunch breaks into our journey so that we aren’t rushed or stressed when travelling. This makes everyone happier and no-one feels pressured into being late. Plus it’s nice to let the twins stretch their legs a lot and have plenty of toilet breaks.

5/ Tablets.

We use these for either watching movies in the car or on a plane, or for playing games. They help the children keep distracted especially if we’re severely delayed in traffic or in an airport. Keeping them well charged is key!

Travel tips - travelling with the Tempur pillow

Whilst travel can be tiring and stressful when you’ve got young children it can also be fun and exciting for them. We definitely think that being organised and keeping well rested during travel is the key for a smoother journey!

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Happy travelling this summer!

Love, Jess x


This post is in conjunction with Tempur® but all thoughts & tips are my own.

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