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Autumn style with Next

During the early part of autumn this year I have been really confused as to what new clothes to buy myself. I have so many jumpers and tops to wear this season and yet I was really lacking in other key pieces. I have tried not to fall into the trap of buying myself the same items over-and-over and instead focused on building up a really good collection of clothes that I love – and, more importantly, need.

As you can tell lately from my outfits that I am sharing on here and Instagram I have been going back to shopping the classics and buying things based on a more ‘capsule wardobe’ frame of mind (i.e. asking myself “will it go with most other things in my wardrobe?” and if the answer is yes then I’ll seriously consider it). I have found that building up classic pieces has meant that I can get myself dressed SO much quicker in the mornings and throw an outfit together really easily (which, when you have twins to get ready for school is very important to be able to do).

The lovely guys at Next got in touch with me recently and asked if I would like to pick some pieces from their new-in stock for my autumn wardrobe and because I am literally one of their biggest customers in real life (true story) and LOVE everything they produce, it didn’t take me long to pick some stuff and email them back. Funny how you can move quickly when you’re excited about something!

So here are my 5 essential pieces that I have chosen from Next to build up my wardrobe this season, that I know won’t disappoint me at all:

The blazer-coat

You can’t really have an autumn wardrobe without a coat featuring in it; it’s one pretty essential piece of clothing at this time of year. There is also a lot of choice and inspiration out there on the high-street right now. However, it has been SO mild this autumn already that a big coat hasn’t been needed as yet. That’s why I have gone for this gorgeous tan blazer-coat, which is thick enough to keep me warm but also not too heavy for the warmer weather. It is in a camel colour which means that it goes with everything I already own. Winning at life.

It actually really smartens up my outfit here but would also look great with trainers & jeans and for doing the school run in.

Autumn style for Mums My style for this season: autumn  Essential pieces for autumn style

Camel blazer £50

A sweater

Sweaters are everywhere right now. Over-sized, chunky, woollen, with big sleeves & necks. I love them. This one is gorgeous and the white colour means it will go with every pair of trousers and jeans I own. What I love the most though is that it’s soft and fluffy and yet it is washable! I love expensive jumpers but hand-washing them all the time is such a chore. Thus being able to throw them in and wash them with other things is a big advantage.

TIP – If, like me, you’re going for over-sized chunky knitwear this year then I have noticed all the fashion bloggers tucking theirs into their jeans. Either do a full-tuck or a half tuck at the front only.

Sweater £35

A handbag

The one thing that holds my life together is a good tote bag. I need a handbag as much as I need coffee or my phone during the day; it’s my lifeline. In my handbag I’ll usually carry around my purse, keys, phone, camera, note-pad, pens, make-up, hair brush, lipstick, plus my laptop if I am going to be working out and about in a coffee shop. My handbag works hard for me during the day and is something that I need to be practical but also want to be stylish too, now that the nappies & raisins are long gone.

This black one has the circle detail on it (which is really on trend right now) as well as coming with lots of handy compartments.

This is perfect for me, plus it is very classic looking. It’ll go with all of my other outfits but never really go out of fashion. As well as a grab handles it also has an across-the-body strap too (which is crucial when I am out and about with Harry & Lottie and needing to hold hands).

My style - autumn Autumn wardrobe with Next A wardrobe update - autumn clothes

Handbag £42

The boots

I know, I know. *Face palm*. I basically wrote in a post recently that the sock-boot trend was NOT for me and that I wouldn’t be seen wearing them this year. I know. However, Next have a great way of taking trends and making them into something that I could wear in my daily life as a busy Mum-of-two. This pair here are super soft and incredibly comfortable and have won me over into doing the sock-boot trend. They are black leather and I already feel as though I could walk a long way in these beauties.

You know how I have a weakness for ankle boots…these are going to be an amazing addition to my growing collection.

My 5 key pieces for autumn style My style: Next and autumn new in Essential clothing for autumn with Next

Boots £65

Black skinny jeans

Whilst everyone who is anyone is wearing straight-leg jeans right now, the skinny will never, ever go away and is a great piece to grab to wear each day. I have struggled beyond belief to find the right pair of straight-leg jeans from the high-stret, no joke, as they are incredibly hard to find and they either make me look frumpy or really short. However, who can literally go wrong with the black skinny jean? Perfect for leg-lengthening and black is always a super flattering colour to wear anyway.

I haven’t had a pair of black jeans in my wardrobe for some time and I just know these guys are going to be a brilliant addition. Again, they’ll go with all my autumn/winter tops and create so many more outfits for me for the season ahead. High five to that.

Black jeans £20

Here are some more bits & bobs that I really wanted to order from Next (and that *might* already be in my basket to check-out sometime soon). Just sharing the love, as always.


Love, Jess x














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