5 tips to try this week to break out of a style rut

How to break out of a style rut

Having been on the parenting social media scene for around 4 years now I have read a thing or two about how a lot of Mums feel trapped in a style rut, or are really struggling to identify with their style since having children. Because it seems that mixing practical-comfy wear with new trends just doesn’t come all that easily.

I know this well because I have been one of these women for the last few years too – and it’s been something that I have found particularly challenging. I’ve certainly shared it a lot here on my blog and via my Instagram!

Being stuck in a style rut in the early years of having my twins not only knocked my confidence but my outfit choices also made me feel down at times too. I felt like my clothes weren’t exciting or interesting anymore and it took a spring out of my step. I always looked around and liked what other people (Mums) were wearing but never felt 100% comfortable trying their looks for myself.

So I tried implementing some little style tips recently and it’s made such a huge difference to my confidence. They’re only simple things but to be honest sometimes it is about working with what you have rather than purchasing a whole new wardrobe.

If you’re feeling the same about being stuck in a style rut or want to know what I’ve done then please do read on:

1/ Wear something jazzy

That top with sequins on? The cropped jeans with embroidery? Pick something out of your wardrobe this week that really pushes you out of your comfort zone and you’ll feel great. I tend to do this on a day when I’m feeling in a good mood – maybe the sun is shining or my hair went right that morning…but it is the perfect time to try something a little more jazzy. I always feel better about my outfit that day!

This builds your confidence up too. You might get something wrong (and maybe even really regret an outfit choice) but over time you’ll start to get more confident and it’ll impact you when purchasing too.

Style rut - simple rules to get out of it A style rut - my tips for getting out of it Tips for getting out of a style rut

2/ Accessorise

Even if you’re in a big cosy knit, trainers and jeans, something like a pair of colourful statement earrings and a pair of sunglasses will finish off the outfit, as well as adding in a touch of glamour. These two small accessories will add a lot of interest and give you a slightly trendier feel too.

I always feel more put together when I have made an effort with my accessories and often aim to finish an outfit with a nice handbag, jewellery, bright nail varnish etc.

You can find lots of amazing discount codes and offers from top UK fashion brands via the internet, without having to spend too much on some new season trends.

3/ A pop of colour

I know – coming from me, right? But this casual outfit I am showing here in these photos is a great example of how I am mostly keeping the colour in my whole outfit really simple and then the sweater adds a pop of red.

Style rut - tips for trying more style Mums in a style rut Mums stuck in style rut and getting out of habits

4/ Know what’s current

Just because ‘fashion folk’ say something is currently on trend AND MUST BE WORN NOW doesn’t mean you have to. But knowing what is in vogue right now will help you to achieve a more stylish look. For example, check was/is huge for 2017/2018 and so last season I went for this blazer. It adds an update to my style rather than if I went for plain grey or black.

I stay abreast of fashion by reading blogs such as A Style Album and The Fashion Guitar as well as checking out my favourites on Instagram such as Emma Hill and Jacey Duprie.

5/ Ignore what people think

This is probably the biggest reason we don’t experiment a little more with our clothing as sometimes we’re afraid of what other people might think of us. Try to IGNORE THIS! Once you feel confident and enjoy style again you will be happier – and that will radiate.

I don’t always look amazing (nor do I always get my outfits right) but I don’t care whether other people are judging me or not. I am having fun again and I love my style. I can also see that I look like a more confident woman now and that’s definitely positively affecting my personal life and my work too.

Please let me know how you get on – you can reply here or please do DM me on Instagram. I’d love to know!


Love, Jess x

All photos by Cara Sutherland




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    • Jess
      January 15, 2018 / 1:57 pm

      Thank you! xx

  1. Beth
    January 18, 2018 / 8:40 pm

    Great tips. I’m breastfeeding and so uninspired by my wardrobe as everything I wear needs to ensure I can easily whip one out! Loving your style content.

    • Jess
      January 23, 2018 / 10:53 am

      Ahh bless you! Definitely wrap dresses, top and anything layered is good for you right now xx

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