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When Harry & Lottie started school back in September this year, it got to me FAR more than I thought it would. In the months building up to the event I felt a mixed range of emotions; from anxious, to excited, to nervous…as well as incredibly sentimental too. Both of them starting primary school, full-time, at the SAME time (thus both leaving my ‘nest’ empty during the day) made me feel a little strange. As well as slightly ‘lost’ in my role as Mum.

In the weeks leading up to the big day of starting reception class I found myself going through all our old images on my iMac of them as babies & toddlers and feeling really emotional. All that time that I had spent raising them and nurturing them (as well as dealing with all the moaning!) plus the memories we had made from our years together at home.

It didn’t quite seem real; they seemed so incredibly grown up all of a sudden.

One of the ways that I am therefore delighted to be able to savour this precious, important event of them starting primary school, was when my friend got in touch and asked if I would like a piece of jewellery from her collection of hand-made, cast pieces. Cast in Time, based in Worcestershire, is a way of taking a moment in time and capturing it forever – for yourself, or for a loved one. They offer castings (such as hands & feet) and jewellery (such as pendants, key-rings, bracelet charms and cufflinks).

Personalised jewellery

Lynsey popped out to our family home one day a few weeks ago to get their handprints done (although a pack can be sent out for you to do it in your own home & sent back to her to create, really easily). It was a lovely experience and we had such fun doing it – as you can see!

Creating memories with jewellery Memories with jewellery Cast in Time jewellery Making handprints for a pendant - Cast in Time jewellery Cast in Time Worcester, jewellery Memories forever with hand made jewellery Having fun - Cast in Time, Worcester (jewellery)

Harry & Lottie thought it was SO exciting getting to print their hands onto the paper and couldn’t wait to receive the final pendant back. When it arrived they both spotted their names on the reverse and thought it was fab that I was going to be wearing their handprints around my neck all the time.

Memories forever

To be able to have their ‘first days of school’ handprints cast onto a necklace for me to keep, is so important to me; I will always remember this as to when they started primary school and embarked on their school lives.

Making handprint jewellery Handprint of children - jewellery by Cast in Time Sharing my jewellery - Cast in Time, Worcester Double pendant from Cast in Time, (jewellery)

I went for a double pendant with one each of Harry & Lottie’s handprints on the front, plus their names on the reverse. This way I will always feel both of them always close to me. Plus I can treasure this precious piece forever as it makes a lovely keepsake.

I also love the idea of this being placed onto a key-ring or on cufflinks, perhaps for the Grandparents for Christmas presents…because ‘that’ time of year is starting to approach again now, isn’t it?!

Pendants from £45

Necklace by cast in time - casts and jewellery Children's handprints on a necklace, bespoke jewellery

Lynsey also does castings, as well as other kinds of jewellery such as bracelet charms & rings (Oh and you don’t have to only live in Worcester to be able to order them as she ships to the UK). You can find more from their full collection here.

Love, Jess x





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