Layering: winter to spring style


It’s still pretty cold out there at the moment, isn’t it? And it’s STILL January. I don’t think any other month feels as though it goes this slowly. I know everyone I speak to is just wishing for the season of spring to arrive now; for all the pretty buds and flowers, and much less frost.

We’re all desperate to start feeling those warm, sunshine filled days again and enjoying lighter nights out and about with the family.

With regards to style it’s still a little too early to start dressing as though there’s a heat-wave, but it won’t be long before early spring is here and it will be time to put away the thick coats, over-sized knits and Ugg boots.

Layering is a great way of getting ready for spring-wear, especially if the day starts fairly cold and then warms up a little when you’re out and about running errands and going to work meetings. You can remove layers easily and thus change your outfit to suit through your day.

When early spring arrives I don’t like that feeling of being too hot (because I have put something too thick and heavy on) and so lighter layers are definitely a good idea.

The-onset-of-spring-style early-spring-style-wear-and-accesories The-move-into-a-spring-wardrobe Early-spring-what-to-wear-with-layering Early-spring-wear-and-layering-clothes

Here’s 3 ways that I am planning to transition my winter wardrobe into a spring one:

1/ Ankles out

I tend to start getting my ankles out as soon as the freezing weather is over, purely because it’s on trend and adds more style into a casual outfit. I still wear ankle boots and jeans at this time of year but the cropped style does give it a more spring-like look. As it gets warmer I can then swap the boots for brogues and loafers.

Cropped jeans and trousers are still incredibly on trend, as is showing your ankles in most outfits – so get used to chopping the bottom off your jeans or rolling them up!

2/ Layers

In this outfit I have got a tee underneath my sweater, for added warmth on the school run, but then I have the option to remove my sweater if the day gets warmer. This happens to me a lot in spring – the sunshine can come from no-where and you end up feeling really uncomfortable. Lighter sweaters over tees are perfect, as are shirts underneath thin knitwear.

3/ Lighter coats

I am already starting to plan out my coats and jackets for my spring wardrobe. I absolutely love coatigans, shackets and blazers and always wear them when the warmer days arrive.

This grey coat I have on here in this post is fairly warm (I add a scarf in for very cold weather) but it is also fairly light-weight for spring wear too. The light grey also gives a more spring feeling rather than charcoal, navy or black would.

How-to-move-from-winter-to-spring-style 3-ways-to-start-dressing-for-spring

So I’m already in the mood for next season and dreaming of dresses, ice cream and shades. Are you?


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  1. January 29, 2018 / 12:10 pm

    I love those boots, they do look really spring-like. I think I’ll have to brace myself for getting my ankles out yet, it’s still freezing up here!

    • Jess
      January 29, 2018 / 2:51 pm

      Ha! I know – the weather is getting slightly better and I cannot wait for warmer days! xx

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