My fashion & style challenge: 6 months on

Style challenge 6 months on

Back in August 2016 I set myself a little challenge with regards to fashion. I made a vlog basically stating that I wanted to break out of my comfort zone of ‘boring’ clothes, get more stylish, and seek out key trends…at the same time as still needing to dress practically in my role as busy Mum of two. Not such an easy task – as the combinations of style & practicality don’t necessarily work well together!

At that point in my life I was utterly fed up of my wardrobe and feeling so down about it all. I had no idea what to wear anymore and needed to give myself a much needed kick start towards changing my mindset.

I have been a really busy bee since that vlog…seeking out new trends and learning what is hot & up-to-date. I have been trying to find looks that flatter me, give me a little glamour, but that also let me carry on being a working Mum.

I’ve scoured Instagram, Pinterest, magazines and talked to friends – in order to get myself a wardrobe that works for me. And I am really, really pleased with the results.

A style challenge

Laura Ashley grey jumper, £55

My style & fashion challenge update

Oasis top, £22 (sold out – shop similar one)

Mint Velvet jeans, £45 (sold out – shop similar one)

Converse pumps, £45

New Look coat, £34.99

Whilst I wouldn’t call myself particularly stylish (I am no trend setter and still like to play it safe with outfits) I am happy with my look. I feel great about clothes all over again and have really enjoyed the process of finding myself a whole new style. Plus they mean that I can still function as a school-run Mum & freelancer.

Here are the main things I have picked up/learnt/done in that time:

  • Shop for a more capsule wardrobe – get key pieces in your wardrobe (such a black boots, a good coat and pair of jeans etc). Having these items will mean that you have the basis of many different outfits.
  • Mix your wardrobe with hight street and luxury brands – I can’t afford to shop pure luxury all the time and so mixing it up allows me to keep my wardrobe new and on trend.
  • Get fit – joining the gym and toning up has dramatically changed my outlook on my body and therefore my clothes. I now love going shopping and feel better about myself. My confidence has rocketed since I started working out.
  • Step out of your comfort zone – one thing I have always been completely terrible at is buying the same clothes over and over again! So after I set myself this style challenge I tried on clothes I wouldn’t normally select. This has meant that I have bought myself skirts, longer coats and high heels. Normally I’d ALWAYS migrate to the tops section and buy an over-sized sweater! Now I am thinking about style more and trying to stay on trend.
  • Get a personal stylist – this has been such a revelation for me. Seeing the amazing Lisa from The Wardrober really helped me to see what I suited, what colours work best for me plus she gave me the confidence to try new brands and styles. I definitely feel like she gave me a pep talk!

A challenge to get more style into my wardrobe

I had never shopped in M&S before but look at how on trend their collection is! This top is SO popular on social media right now too!

M&S top, £35

I am not the finished article, by all means, and still have lots to try – but I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey up to now! Plus I am looking forward to sharing more style with you this year!

Love, Jess x



  1. January 27, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    You look amazing Jess! Super trendy outfits there!

    • Jess
      January 27, 2017 / 8:37 pm

      Thanks lovely. I’ve really enjoyed getting my style back on and finding new things to wear 🙂 xx

    • Jess
      January 28, 2017 / 11:47 am

      Thanks lovely! That jacket has been such a fab buy xx

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