My style uniform (and how I found it)

How I created my style uniform

You know when you have those moments – where the penny drops on something you’ve been struggling with in your head for a while? When (out loud) you go “Ohhhhh yes“, nodding along and grinning away? Well that has recently happened to me.

This is regarding knowing what to wear every day. Because I have been struggling over the last few years with clothes and everything fashion. Dipping in and out of styles & looks – that one minute I love and then the next I absolutely HATE!

The main contributing factors in my life being:

a) There’s too much inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest, I don’t know where to start (or stop).

b) My body shape has changed since becoming a Mum.

c) Because I am a Mum, combining style and practical wear IS NOT EASY.

Two things have therefore happened to me recently to change my thinking, attitude and confidence. The first was that I read the article from A Style Album about getting a style uniform (which you can read here). I literally felt like the penny dropped. Of course! Get a uniform. Create a look. Build myself up a wardrobe of items that I feel comfortable wearing and that suits me. So that when I am out shopping I am sticking to the same principles to be able to create my own look.

The second was dealing with all the styles being thrown at me online (because I spend a lot of time on social media both personally and for work ). I follow many amazing style icons on Instagram, however everywhere I looked there was leopard print over here, maxi dresses there, red suede boots over here, Gucci flats over there and ripped jeans over here. All these women looking amazing in these different styles – but leaving me completely unsure of which ones I should take, and (more importantly), which to leave.

I have therefore really, really, really narrowed down the people I follow by being selective and focusing on the kind of clothes that I like to wear. The images I have collected appear to be classic dressing and casual-smart wear.

Style uniform - creating mine

Creating my own style uniform and look

Images I have collected via Pinterest

So with that information I have realised that my own style uniform going forward will consist of: jeans, trainers, ankle boots, t-shirts, shirts, jumpers, blazers. My main colours are navy, tan, white and grey, as well as adding in stripes.

My style -  getting a look / uniform to work with A signature look and style uniform Creating a style uniform for my Mum wear My style uniform, and creating a signature look My style - a uniform of blazers, jeans, boots and stripes My Mum uniform that works for me

Now this might sound rather dull. And restrictive. And a little boring. BUT when you are influenced to buy & wear too many of the latest trends you start to gather a wardrobe of things that don’t always go well together. It was making it hard for me to get dressed in the morning. It also meant that I have ended up purchasing items that I really liked on someone else, but that don’t necessarily work on me.

Now that I am confident what my ‘signature look’ is, I can start adding in the latest styles. For example, red is very ‘in’ right now and so adding a red-striped tee into my look works well. Blazers are also super hot, particularly over-sized ones and grey check, which will keep me on trend. But I’m staying away from the sock boot trend, as well as maxi dresses, huge sleeves and oversized boyfriend jeans – as they just don’t suit me.

I have previously talked about creating a capsule wardrobe before, and been working really hard to build that up, which is now so much better than 12 months ago. As a result I now have court shoes, black trousers, white shirts, white tees and other essentials to reach for that go with anything.

But this is moving that on one step further to developing my own signature style and having clothes that work well for me. I’m excited to expand on it and go into autumn/winter style shopping with focus and purpose!

Do you have a signature style? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Love, Jess x


Jess Soothill

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  1. September 7, 2017 / 3:54 pm

    Jess I’m liking your signature style a lot, it suits you and that’s what counts! I completely understand about overwhelming influences on ig etc !
    Btw my style is whacky boho ! I’m 54 next month so I’ve had long enough to decide by now!
    Great post
    Ashley xx

    • Jess
      September 7, 2017 / 4:21 pm

      I adore your style! And you suit it! I am 40 next year and I feel like I have been a mixture of styles my whole 30’s!!!!!!!! xx

  2. September 11, 2017 / 11:39 am

    Love this post, Jess, and I’d say you definitely have a certain style now! I’m trying to do similar in terms of narrowing down my style inspirations on social media – I have a handful of people now who’s looks I like, and also, crucially, have similar body shapes to mine. I’m working on my perfect autumn wardrobe now! x

    • Jess
      September 11, 2017 / 12:42 pm

      Absolutely. I think it’s important to get style tips from people but (like me) not try to wear everything going! I love your style Becky and think you’re one cool Mama xx

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