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In this new series I’m chatting to fashion influencers and women in the style industry about their backgrounds, experiences, family life, fashion advice and style tips. And today is the turn of Cara — a good friend, Instagram legend and award winning blogger from Cheltenham.

Cara Sutherland is a Mum of two gorgeous boys. She lives in Cheltenham and writes the lifestyle blog Within These Walls, which is all about her love for clothes, interiors, beauty, motherhood and travel. Cara has an impressive 53k followers on Instagram and makes many of us laugh out loud each day with her humour via Instagram Stories.

How and why did you get into being a blogger & influencer? 

I just loved taking photos! Then I needed to find someone who would be interested in looking at my photos. My family weren’t so I decided I would try strangers on the internet. And the rest is history! The real push was just over a year ago when I wanted a way to earn money and be around for my children. Blogging seemed the perfect fit. Though I don’t think I realised the workload involved!

What’s your signature style — do you have any favourite pieces, or outfits you love to wear?

I am the girl in Breton stripes or a floaty dress. I guess its all about minimal effort, comfort and wearing clothes that make me feel better about my figure since having children.

Your 3 favourite clothes shops?

Hush, & other stories and Zara! 

Cara-Sutherland-on-style-Instagram-and-blogging Cara-Sutherland-on-style-Instagram-and-blogging Cara-Sutherland-on-style-Instagram-and-blogging

Any favourite trends you’ll be wearing this spring/summer ’18?

Woven shoes, woven bags and woven hats. If it is made of a straw like substance I’m likely to be in love with it.

What’s your advice for women who have lost their way with their style, or are stuck in a style rut?

Find something in your wardrobe that you love. Then search for outfit ideas on Pinterest. I do this all the time and I am often surprised at what works with what I already own. That way if you are trying something new, part of your outfit will still be very you.

How do you juggle working and your busy family life?

I feel like I get it wrong all the time. I think that you have to know balance is bullshit. One week you might be an excellent parent the next you will be nailing work. I try to keep my working days to the days I have childcare but from time to time I have to accept that I will plop them in front of the TV for an hour and thats ok.

Cara-Sutherland-on-style-Instagram-and-blogging Cara-Sutherland-on-style-Instagram-and-blogging

Any advice for anyone wanting to start a blog or Instagram account?

Just do it! Be yourself. I try to take inspiration from people like Frankie Boyle and Russel Brand. They are just themselves regardless of whether anyone likes them and I think that is so important! Plus it is a real pain when you see accounts that just mimic other people.


You can read more style tips on her blog, or find her outfits here on Instagram.

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