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So I’m starting a new feature! I’m really excited about it as it’s something I’ve been thinking about for some time. I am currently obsessed with everything fashion, and follow many stylish women who give me so much style inspo, so I thought you guys might also want to hear more from them!

In this new series I’ll be chatting to fashion influencers and women in the style industry about their backgrounds, experiences, family life, fashion advice and style tips.

First up is a woman whose style (and life) I’m obsessed with! Chloé Samwell-Smith is a Mum of three gorgeous children (and two cute cats). She lives in London and writes the fashion blog Chloé Loves To Shop which is all about her love for clothes, interiors, children’s fashion, fitness, beauty and travel. Chloé has an impressive 44k followers on Instagram and can be found chatting away to her followers on Instagram Stories from her car.

How and why did you get into being a style blogger & influencer?

I had been in the same job for 17 years and felt it was time for a change. I have always been interested in fashion so a blog seemed like a good place to start.

What’s your signature style — do you have any favourite pieces, or outfits you love to wear?

I am not sure I have a signature style, but I do have a few style rules. These days I dress for comfort and try to keep my outfit fairly simple. In the summer I like to adopt a boho vibe with feminine floaty dresses, flats and a basket bag and in the winter I am usually in jeans and cashmere.


Your 3 favourite clothes shops?

Zara, H&M and Iris for higher end pieces.

Any favourite trends you’ll be wearing this spring/summer ’18?

My summer wardrobe isn’t that trend led; I tend to stick to the classics such as white dresses, peasant tops and comfy slides with a good mix of cotton, denim and linen.

What’s your advice for women who have lost their way with their style, or are stuck in a style rut?

Start with a good wardrobe detox. Take everything out of your wardrobe, so that you can see exactly what you have and sort into piles of YES, NO and MAYBE. Think about your style in terms of your lifestyle and how that might have changed over the years. Think about your body and how that might have changed over the years too. If you love a piece of clothing but don’t feel as confident as you once did when you wear it, it should go.

Your clothes need to make you feel good about yourself and I think as we get older our wardrobes need to adapt to the changes in our lives. Find people on Instagram whose style you admire and take inspiration from their looks. Most of the time you only need to a few fresh new pieces to update your existing wardrobe, it doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul, unless of course your lifestyle has changed dramatically.


How do you juggle working and your busy family life?

I have to admit it is a constant struggle trying to keep a good balance. I often forget things (usually Charlie’s homework!) and more often than not, I am chasing my tail with an inbox full of unanswered emails. That said, my children are a little bit older now (5,10,12) and that has definitely made things easier, but my job can be 24/7 so it’s important to be disciplined about putting the phone away to ensure quality family time and downtime.

Any advice for anyone wanting to start a style blog or Instagram account?

Be yourself and be prepared to work really hard. It takes time to grow a loyal following and it doesn’t happen quickly, so you do have to keep focused and determined in the beginning.  Engagement with your audience is really important. When I first started we didn’t have a Stories function on instagram so your Instagram posts and captions were crucial for getting your personality across. That’s a bit easier now with a video function so don’t be afraid to be yourself on Stories. Post regularly – I’d aim for once a day when you are starting out, and spend a bit of time on the image.

I do think that good photos make a difference. Invest in a good camera and spend a bit of time researching. There are some great blog posts out there with helpful advice and tips for good photography.

And always remember this quote: ’Those who mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind’.


You can read more style tips on her blog Chloé Loves To Shop, or find her daily outfits here on Instagram.

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  1. May 2, 2018 / 8:49 pm

    What a brilliant post, I really enjoyed reading this. I do think that we lose our way with fashion and who we are after children, they tend to take up a lot of us during the early years and you can totally forget who you are. I know this is true for me, I’m starting to fall in love with fashion again and am obsessed with outfit posts on Instagram. I am certainly going to go through my wardrobe and get rid of a lot of things as my tastes have changed over the years as well as my body shape. Look forward to reading more…

    • Jess
      May 3, 2018 / 9:32 am

      Good to hear it! I am exactly the same! I also lost my way and have found my passion again. I think our bodies and needs change too – which is hard to adjust to. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated xx

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