The across body handbag is a Mums best friend

Across the body bags

You may be very familiar with my Monsoon, tan, across the body saddle bag that I have been sharing on this blog and via my Instagram lately (I know, I know, I am literally always wearing it!). Well I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to across the body bags because, quite frankly, they are ideal for any Mum and yet SO stylish too.

Something slightly wonderful and amazing happens to you once you reach the point in Motherhood where you no longer need to drag a huge changing bag around with you everywhere…and that is that you start looking (and longing) for a nice handbag once more. It is such a fab feeling and yet also strange that you suddenly only need *your* things and not several packs of raisins, baby wipes, nappies and a change of baby clothes! Your lipstick, purse, phone and keys it is!

Monsoon across body bag Monsoon across body bag in tan Across body bag is a Mums best friend Why I love my across body bag - saddle & tan

Monsoon bag, £29

This Monsoon one was actually kindly sent to me by the lovely guys there a few months ago, and it was something that was only going to form part of my summer wardrobe. However, I literally still grab for it nearly every day as it is SO handy for running errands in. It is therefore proving to be a great addition into my autumn and winter wardrobe too.

I use it for the school run when we’re popping to the shop after school, or for dashing about in town. It is fab because it leaves my hands free to carry ALL the children’s bags, coats and drinks and also hold their hands crossing the road.

It isn’t leather, but I like I say, I have used it a lot and it is still in great condition, however, I would advise going for something leather or more expensive if you want to keep it a long time and have a piece that will work for you year-after-year. Colour-wsie I’d advise to go with something in black, navy or tan for example and then it will go will everything that you wear every day.

Monsoon across body bag in tan for autumn Style for autumn - across body bags for Mums

The across the body bag is one of my essential & practical Mum items in my wardrobe these days and yet it keeps me feeling very stylish indeed! It’s also really nice to throw over a big coat or cardigan at this time of year.

So talking about everything handbag, here are some more luscious bags (which I love), from around our amazing high street and also great for the season ahead.

Happy shopping 🙂

Love, Jess x


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