Why it’s OK not to wear every trend going

Finding your own style - what trends to avoid

You know how much I adore style on Instagram. I now spend less of my fashion-research time flicking through magazines for inspiration on what to wear, and far more of it scrolling online through the feeds of women with whom I actually relate to. I’d say that it’s my number one place from where I get advice & hints on what (and where) to buy my clothes.

Last year I really made a conscious effort to get interested and back into style again. It felt the right time to do it. I wanted to regain my confidence, my mojo and my love for fashion (that I previously had before my twins). After giving birth to my babies…and the haze and tiredness that followed…looking ‘good’ just seemed to disappear and slip off my radar. Milk, nappies, nap, repeat, was my life.

Until recently.

But here’s the thing with Instagram – everyone sharing their outfits, everyone talking about what’s on trend and everyone getting rather excited about purchases from the high street – well, it can be a little overwhelming (and VERY confusing) for people like me. So what exactly is on trend? And what suits me? And do I really need it?

I’ve come to the conclusion lately that there’s a little too much information on there and far too many women looking absolutely superb in every trend. It’s making me want to rush out and buy the whole lot, when in reality not everything works for me. And I’ve been realising more and more that I need to be selective and develop my own kind of Mum style.

Styles and trends and why it's ok not to wear everything

I’ve therefore been ignoring some key trends this year and yet really enjoying others.

For example, I have bypassed the gingham trend completely. Other people look completely ah-mazing in checked skirts and tops, but somehow it just doesn’t work for me. This season I have also ignored off the shoulder tops and dresses – because, well, I just don’t feel comfortable in such styles, plus it doesn’t really suit my lifestyle.

However. I am loving utility trend – with its amazing khaki & tan cargo pants and skirts. And I am also loving shirts. Plus trainers with everything. And I adore cropped jeans.

I genuinely think that it’s really good to experiment with style (I’d actually encourage it) and that this especially helps in order to get out of a rut, which many of us Mums fall in to. I also believe that if you’re looking to be on trend, then keeping up-to-date and relevant in style is important.

But, it’s OK not to wear everything that you see online. It’s also totally OK to have your own style and to know what you like. It’s OK to pick and choose trends and to feel really confident wearing them. It is also more than OK to forfeit some trends that don’t get your pulses racing, and yet go a little mad for the others.

For me, I’m still very easily influenced, but I am trying to find my own way in style a little more. Which is actually proving a lot of fun!

Love, Jess x



  1. May 18, 2017 / 8:22 am

    I completely agree, I tried the off the shoulder trend and I hate the way it makes my shoulders look and don’t feel comfortable in it at all! I also tried gingham and felt like a table cloth, not the look I was going for!! xx

    • Jess
      May 18, 2017 / 6:26 pm

      Just not for us then!! Agreed Jo – although you look great in everything xx

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