Staying fit: the apps and technology I use (with EE)

Staying fit with EE - the apps and tech I use

Now that the summer holidays are OVER and my twins have started school full-time, I am aiming to get fit again! I want to get back into a workout & fitness routine once more. I have had too many lunches out this summer, cakes over coffee and ice-creams at farm parks! Time to work up a sweat (arghhhhhh!).

When I became a Mum-of-two 5 years ago it was the most wonderful but hardest thing that happened to me! All of my time was then thrown into caring for them and so it was also difficult to find any energy to work out. I was pretty fit before I got pregnant and enjoyed running & going to the gym.

Nowadays, with two children, a home, a busy working week and a Hubby who has a busy job, we all have a really hectic life, However, being fit & healthy is still really important to me. I therefore make sure I fit it into my busy week and do what I can to make it all work for me.

I am a member of a health club, where I mostly attend classes (usually 30-minute ones) that work on my core & abs, or circuit training. Plus I occasionally run locally round my village in the evenings or at weekends. It is therefore really crucial that I have all the right technology around me to help me stay on top of my fitness goals.

Staying fit - the technology I use

EE have some great tips and advice over on their website and you can find out what I use, how I use it and why over on the EE blog here – where I have shared the technology that helps me keep on track! There’s also lots of other brilliant articles on there about using technology as a family.

So with that said, I’m off to pull on my yoga pants, lace up my trainers, fill up my water bottle and hit the gym once more! #boom

What apps or technology do you use to keep fit or stay on track of your fitness? I’d love to know.

Love, Jess x


PLEASE NOTE: Post is written in collaboration with EE, but everything stated is what I use as I wouldn’t endorse anything that I don’t use myself.


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