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Dinner time as a family

One of the toughest times of the week day in our house is around dinner time. The twins come home from primary school around 3.45pm, complain that they’re VERY hungry! and yet also want me to chat & play with them. I struggle to find the balance between making something delicious and different each night for everyone to eat, against being stood in the kitchen for hours right at the time of day when they’ve only just got in.

I’ve also mentioned before that I’m not really the best chef (I do what I can!). I have a repertoire of family dishes but they tend to be the classics such as spaghetti bolognese, roast dinner etc. I do make all of family our meals (where possible) from scratch and ensure that we eat healthy too – but I find it SO challenging to get inspired for dinners and come up with new ideas. It’s not easy coming up with exciting dishes for dinner that everyone is going to like…and eat!

That’s why we just LOVE the idea behind HelloFresh, which we have tried before (and I also got to go and visit their trendy London head office earlier on in the year!). Hello Fresh claim that they are ‘making home cooking easy’ and I have to agree, because the concept of them picking the different dishes each week and then delivering it to my home is brilliant. Plus every ingredient sent is exactly the right amount you need for the amount of people and therefore there is no waste. I also love the quality of the ingredients; I notice a huge difference in the usual food I buy from the supermarket compared to their quality, such as the meat and vegetables.

Family dinner time with Hello Fresh Making dinner time easy Dinner time as a family of four Making dinner time easy for Mums

They contacted me recently to kindly ask me to try out their family box (we picked a box for 2 adults and 2 children) containing their delicious recipes. Last time we trialled it we loved it – it absolutely makes dinner time a more exciting, easy, fun and better experience than doing it all yourself.

We went for a family box which they have created with families in mind i.e. they choose nutritious ingredients that kids and adults love to eat. From our box each week Dave & I usually made a mix of family meals as well as dishes we ate together in the evening (i.e. some we ate all together as a family and other dishes we had separately after the twins went to bed). The recipes are SO easy to follow and usually most take 30-40 mins to create, which isn’t long at all. The weekly box comes with recipe cards, which I keep, so that we can make the dishes again.

Dinner time with hello fresh boxes Cooking dinner with hello fresh Fresh ingredients at dinner with hello fresh Preparing dinner - hello fresh

Having the box delivered once a week has made our dinner time SO much easier and less stressful; taking the boredom away from meal planning, as well as the hassle of grocery shopping. It has also given us some great new recipes to try and inspired us to make other things ourselves (a twist on their recipes!).

Hello fresh family box - dinner time Delicious dinner with hello fresh

A family box, based on 4 people enjoying 4 recipes, works out around £4 per meal. Check out their range of boxes here.

How do you do your meal planning? I’d love to know!

Love, Jess x


Please note: We received 4 boxes (x1 a week) to feed 4 people. 




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