Homemade pizza, together

Home-made pizza

Usually, at the weekends, we are dashing here, there and everywhere. Hubby plays cricket on a Saturday, the twins have clubs or a party, we like to go swimming on a Sunday, and more often than not somebody might also be visiting us! We therefore usually feel pretty worn out by Sunday evening!

But this weekend we had a nice, relaxing one and spent a lot of time together at home. We wanted to keep it fairly low-key seeing as the twins were back at preschool on Monday morning – and we wanted to unwind a little.

One of the things we like to do as a family is making food together. The twins now ask to ‘help’ me all the time when it comes to food preparation and baking, and whilst it does make me initially sigh!, when they get involved they do have SUCH fun. This kind of activity together is lovely and we all get to chat to each other and hang out too.

Pizza is one of our favourite foods and so on Sunday we set about making our own. Hubby picked up a new pizza stone in Aldi last week and so we wanted to use it. Granted it all got a bit messy and a bit crazy but we had such a good time!

The twins picked their own toppings (a LOT of cheese!) and got to do cool things like spread tomato puree all over the bases and rolled out dough.

Making pizza Making home made pizza Home made pizza Pizza - making it as a family Pizza making! Pizza and kids - making food together Making dinner: pizza

As you can see – Hubby put a lot of ingredients on his (as shown above)! I went for roasted peppers, fresh tomato, onion, mozzarella and garlic butter. Delish!

We really enjoyed eating them after they were cooked (it takes just minutes if the stone is already very hot and the oven is on high). We like to make our bases quite thin.

Making our own pizza Pizza

If you don’t fancy making the dough you can also buy pre-made bases (which you can get in most supermarkets) and equally if you haven’t got a pizza stone then a baking tray works well too!

Happy cooking guys!

Love, Jess x

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  1. September 8, 2016 / 6:43 pm

    We make homemade pizzas as a family every Friday. It’s the night of the week we all look forward to most! We love it! And while a Domino’s has it’s place in life, I really don’t think anything compares to homemade pizzas. They look like they’re having so much fun – I love the photo of your daughter with flour on her nose!

    • Jess
      September 8, 2016 / 7:28 pm

      Such a lovely idea and I think we might make it a regular thing too xx

  2. September 8, 2016 / 9:46 pm

    Oh we love to make our own pizzas too, they really do taste better. Great pictures Jess xx #mycapturedmoment

    • Jess
      September 9, 2016 / 12:49 pm

      Thanks lovely xx

  3. September 10, 2016 / 10:09 am

    We love ,making pizza of here, at the moments I am loving chicken, pesto and mozzarella mmmm , weekends are crazy here too at the mo I am sat in the car commenting and watching Joe play football, Chris is out shooting, and Jack is out then this afternoon I am at the gym whilst they are on the match and somehow I have a 3 course meal to make for tonight ha ha, why do we do it to ourselves x

    • Jess
      September 10, 2016 / 2:23 pm

      Yikes!!!! Weekends can be crazy! Hope you get some quiet time xx

    • Jess
      September 11, 2016 / 3:51 pm

      Oh lovely! Perfect for kids & big kids!!!

  4. September 12, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    And now I really fancy pizza!!! Ah Dom’s the pizza king in our family too, of course with two pairs of little hands helping. Isn’t it lovely to have a quiet ‘no plans’ weekend every now and again?! We really need one of them!

    Absolutely gorgeous photos hon. Thank you for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

    • Jess
      September 12, 2016 / 7:27 pm

      Thanks lovely and Dom sounds amazing 🙂 And his helpers! xx

  5. September 12, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    Lil G loves pizza, ooh I’ll have to mention a pizza stone to Mr H. Sounds fab. We tend to cook desserts together although G is partial to homemade chicken nuggets x #mycapturedmoment

    • Jess
      September 15, 2016 / 12:04 pm

      The stone is amazing really gives it an authentic taste! Thanks hun xx

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