Bank holiday weekend: two toddlers and a husband


There’s a lot of hype and pressure put onto a family for a bank holiday weekend. That extra day off means packing as much as you can into the three day weekend – because we all feel like we should do ‘something worthwhile’. Whether it’s going away, having days out or just doing chores, the longer break means that we all go giddy for stuff to do.

On the lead up to this particular May bank holiday all my friends have been asking me “What are you doing for the bank holiday?” and I have felt under pressure to say something exciting. And so what were we going to do?

For Hubby and I our first thought was to visit our caravan, which for two seasons now has been based in Anglesey, Wales but the weather forecast looked dull. And it’s extremely hard to entertain two energetic toddlers in a caravan when the sun isn’t out. There’s only so much CBeebies and them pressing the microwave on and off that we could stomach. (Oh yes a caravan, we have one, not a large, comfy, spacious static, but a small tourer). That’s a whole separate blog sometime.

So days out and chores at home was the choice. We had a few days out to parks and did cute things like fed the ducks and went on the swings which was lovely.

And as well as this, like most other people this weekend I bought some pretty plants from the local garden centre (dawdling around it because Hubby was at home with the twins) and winced at how much it all cost at the till. And when I got home I had no idea what should be planted where so I guessed and hoped for the best – which is what I do every year and every year nothing returns. The twins ‘helped’ me to plant them, which resulted in me constantly having to hide my trowel from them, asking them repeatedly not to throw soil at each other as well as finally us all going inside and stripping them off after they got soaked during the watering phase.

Hubby popped to a car boot sale on Sunday. All he returned with was a large inflatable hammer for the twins, which they now think is hilarious to beat me on the head with. I’m seriously considering bursting it and blaming it on the cat.

Typically too during the weekend I argued with Hubby. Because when we are all together we are not like the Von Trapp family, we all get pretty stressed out, and this weekend was not helped by the extra day to wind each other up. During the week I have play dates, playgroup and soft play and we are in a good routine. Weekends come and this goes out of the window. Which is fine, I’m relaxed about doing other things, but then when the twins haven’t napped well enough or eaten properly and they start complaining then everyone starts getting tetchy. I get on his nerves because I constantly complain about mess and housework and I grit my teeth about his wanting to relax and watch sport.

So as the bank holiday draws to a close we’ve essentially planted some flowers that will be dead in a few months, done a few chores and moaned at one another. So when my friends ask what I did this weekend I think I’ll just change the subject.



  1. Valerie
    May 6, 2014 / 11:36 pm

    I can totally relate this! The need to “do” something for a three day weekend and also the getting-on-each-other’s nerves thing. 😉

  2. Valerie
    May 6, 2014 / 11:36 pm

    *relate TO this

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