My letter to the creators of Peppa Pig

IMG_2936To, the Creators of Peppa Pig,

RE: Muddy puddles

Hello. And thank you for reading (which I hope that you are, and that it’s not just your ‘people’ opening this letter). You see, I do realise that you are probably on a beach somewhere, in the Bahamas’, drinking cocktails – stinking rich. I know this, because, not only have you created a show that most young children love to watch – but you have also cashed in on this and most homes throughout the UK also look like mine too:


A small selection of the Peppa Pig merchandise that we own.

Now, I have twins. Who love your little darling pig. And I commend you for creating something that makes me (as a parent) giggle a little too.

However, there’s one huge, massive, problem with your show. And why I am writing to you.

Muddy puddles.

So Peppa and her family are obsessed with jumping in them and making lots of mess. Cute. And I like the fact that you try to ensure that she always wears her wellingtons…very responsible. And so when we go out, fully suited and booted, it’s quite sweet seeing my twins jumping in muddy puddles like their little hero, Peppa.



Except most of the time they’re not dressed for it. And I’m getting increasingly fed up of screaming at them “No!!!!!!!!!!! You’re not wearing your wellies!!!!!!!!!” whenever they see a huge, brown, deep, puddle and start jumping up and down in it like crazed monkeys. (Usually outside a shop…wearing shoes and shorts).

And it’s equally as frustrating when they’re in their best clothes (perhaps going to a birthday party) and they break free of my hand, dive in the puddle and end up looking like they’ve been swimming in mud.

So thanks for that.

And as a result my washing pile is never ending, and my stress levels are high. To add to this I’m constantly on puddle-watch whenever we go anywhere – diving in front of the twins or knocking them out of the way whenever they spot the offending item. It’s hard work.

So, if you’re creating any more shows please do take this into consideration. (And I do wonder that if any of you 3 guys were women, whether or not this idea of the puddles would have happened. Perhaps not).



  1. November 22, 2014 / 9:57 pm

    Ha ha! I love this. I have so far avoided letting Little Miss H watch Peppa Pig and I’m pretty pleased with that. By the sounds of it, as soon as she catches a peek at that pink piggy she will turn to the dark side. Hugs Mrs H xxxx PS I love the idea of you diving dramatically in front of muddy puddles.
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    • Jess
      November 23, 2014 / 8:15 am

      Wait until the summer – until it’s dry and then it’ll be fine (no muddy puddles anywhere!) Jess xx

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