A Cotswolds cottage

A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds

We have recently been away for a week to visit and stay in a cottage in the beautiful Cotswolds. It’s only an hour or so now from our new Worcestershire home and nearby to some of Hubby’s family.

It is such a stunning part of the UK (one of my favourite places) with all the honey-coloured stone buildings and cottages. Breathtaking homes and gardens, and some amazing architecture. It all feels really friendly and there is plenty to see and do.

The four of us stayed in a lovely converted cottage, which had 3 bedrooms, a large log burner in the living room and a country-style kitchen. It was attached to the owners home (who made us a wonderful victoria sponge on arrival!).

And as a self-confessed interiors addict I loved being somewhere that was packed full of interest, character and charm. I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics!

I particularly liked the main feature fireplace, as well as the smaller fireplaces in the bedrooms. I also loved the wooden barn-style doors and the honey coloured stone floor.

A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds

This pretty cottage has been restored beautifully and tastefully. Simple, but full of country charm and chic.

A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds

The accommodation here was so different from where we live now – our home is very modern, minimal and spacious – and so it was nice to stay somewhere in such contrast. Here, we really felt like kicking off our boots after a long day out, lighting the fire and snuggling up under the cosy blankets with warm drinks. Bliss.

A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds A stay in a cottage in the pretty Cotswolds

If you fancy staying in the Cotswolds then I recommend viewing the website Live Love Cotswolds where you’ll find some equally lovely and pretty properties.

Fore more on our stay in the Cotswolds and what we go up to, please do check out my post here.

Love, Jess x

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  1. February 20, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    Jess it looks so beautiful I am glad you had a wonderful break x

    • Jess
      February 20, 2016 / 2:02 pm

      Thanks Sarah! So good to get away somewhere different isn’t it?? Loved this cottage and we had such a nice week xx

  2. February 20, 2016 / 4:47 pm

    This looks beautiful Jess, I have never been to the Cotswolds but would really love to, what a gorgeous cottage. I’ll check out the site now! Love inspiration for holidays xx

    • Jess
      February 20, 2016 / 6:49 pm

      Ahhh you’d love it – it’s so pretty and full of nice shops & places to eat. xx

  3. February 20, 2016 / 5:04 pm

    Looks wonderful – I really love staying in cottages as they really offer that home from home experience . I actually think cottages are more ‘homely’ than my own home at times! LOL! I love the wooden doors x

    • Jess
      February 20, 2016 / 6:30 pm

      Us too – they feel really homely and are great when you have a young family, as you get all the home comforts!! xx

  4. February 21, 2016 / 9:11 am

    I love these barn conversion sort of places. They’re always very cosy. I especially love the doors. x

    • Jess
      February 21, 2016 / 2:27 pm

      Yes me too 🙂 They look so homely and yet really stylish too. Love the character xx

  5. Kara
    February 22, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    It look just beautiful, it is somewhere I have always wanted to go x

    • Jess
      February 22, 2016 / 6:47 pm

      It’s stunning I highly recommend it – such a pretty place xx

  6. February 22, 2016 / 5:41 pm

    Wow, this looks so beautiful!! It’s really nice to see a modern/old mix – my in laws own a 400 year old cottage and they’re worried they are destroying the character by modernising it a bit, but actually it’s those little touches like that beautiful fireplace that really keep it’s character! Love seeing a beautiful house!

    • Jess
      February 22, 2016 / 6:41 pm

      Ahhh sounds exciting!! How fab to have such a project and a bit daunting too xx Good luck xx

  7. February 22, 2016 / 8:38 pm

    It looks like a beautiful cottage, so cosy and rustic. So different to my house but that is the beauty of going away isn’t it? To go somewhere different and appreciating it. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. x

    • Jess
      February 23, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      Thanks lovely, we had a fab break and yes it was so nice to stay somewhere completely different to home! xx

  8. February 23, 2016 / 10:34 pm

    Jess. How relaxing does that cottage feel? So peaceful and your pictures are wonderful. Sounds like such a lovely trip xx

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 8:15 am

      Thanks we really enjoyed it and the cottage was stunning – so beautifully done xx

  9. February 24, 2016 / 10:07 am

    There’s something really special about a little cottage with a fire, isn’t there? So cosy. It all looks beautiful, and really relaxing. That Victoria sponge looks yummy too!

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 11:34 am

      Yes! We miss our old fire – it was similar to this – and it was nice to cosy down and enjoy it xx

  10. February 24, 2016 / 10:15 am

    It looks lovely, so cosy and welcoming! Hope you had a great break! 🙂 x #HomeEtc

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 11:34 am

      Thank you and for the lovely comment xx

  11. February 24, 2016 / 11:57 am

    Such a pretty cottage and I love the garden. I have a real hankering to move out into the countryside. Living in a town can be handy at times, but nothing beats rural living!! Glad you had a lovely time. The great thing about the Cotswolds is that there is so much of it to explore. I’m planning to cram lots more in this summer! xxx

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 4:16 pm

      Thanks! We do love the village life – town living is appealing but we’re so close to one that we have the best! This place was stunning and thanks for the Broadway recommendation xx

  12. February 24, 2016 / 12:55 pm

    Looks lovely Jess! I love visiting places that have a completely different feel to my own home, I find I always notice even more about them and all the little different details there are x

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 4:17 pm

      Me too – makes it special and SO interesting. I realised how minimalist and modern my home is! xx

  13. February 24, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    I grew up in the Cotswolds. It’s where I consider home and was back there at the weekend. Just looking at the limestone in your pictures makes me feel homesick! The cottage has been done up very well. Thanks for hosting #HomeEtc

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 4:16 pm

      Oh wow! You lucky person 🙂 Such a stunning place to grow up xx

  14. Louisa
    February 24, 2016 / 2:06 pm

    It looks so cosy and homely, just what you want in a cottage. I love how it has been restored sympathetically, is it sad that I got a bit excited seeing the wrought iron door handles? Swoon.

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 3:36 pm

      No I loved them too!! I took the photo ha ha! xx

  15. February 24, 2016 / 2:18 pm

    So sweet that you got a cake when you arrived, that is the perfect start to a holiday! I love cottage looks and all the wood and stone, it looks so cosy you must have felt really at home. The twins certainly look like they made themselves at home. #HomeEtc xx

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 3:36 pm

      The cake was fab 🙂 We did have fun and enjoyed it xx

  16. February 24, 2016 / 4:34 pm

    What a gorgeous cosy cottage! The perfect place to escape with the family…just lovely! x

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 7:13 pm

      Utterly perfect and the best getaway xx

  17. February 24, 2016 / 5:04 pm

    Has it prompted you to want to move house again, now??! 😉 I’m terrible for staying somewhere lovely and then deciding we need to redecorate our ENTIRE house. The cottage looks perfect! x

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 7:15 pm

      Ha! I did lust after the stone floor. I am always wanting to change our home yes – am easily distracted 😉 xx

  18. February 24, 2016 / 9:43 pm

    That looks like a gorgeous, snug place to stay, especially at this time of year when most places seem pretty drab and dreary. I love a fire when I am away since we don’t have one at home (yet, anyway).

    • Jess
      February 24, 2016 / 10:12 pm

      Ahh me too and we loved being away from home for a week xx

  19. February 25, 2016 / 10:11 am

    What a lovely cottage, I like the rustic but modern look.
    It looks like you had a great time

  20. February 25, 2016 / 11:03 am

    It looks really pretty. I love staying in holiday cottages and being free from the burden of my own possessions. I’ve never been to the Cotswolds but would love to visit. #HomeEtc

  21. February 25, 2016 / 11:10 am

    Oh what a stunning cottage!! And a perfect winter get-away. Love the mix of modern and rustic interiors, so beautiful.

    Sounds like you all had a great time xx

  22. February 25, 2016 / 11:57 am

    Love the Cotswolds – you just can’t go wrong with their pretty stone cottages can you?

  23. February 25, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Cotswolds, this cottage looks so lovely! #HomeEtc

    • Jess
      February 25, 2016 / 3:44 pm

      I recommend it – it’s a lovely area and has some pretty boutique shops xx

  24. February 25, 2016 / 7:41 pm

    Really gorgeous photographs you’ve taken. I love The Cotswolds – so lovely for a family break away.

    • Jess
      February 25, 2016 / 8:19 pm

      Thank you, what a lovely place to stay and visit – we’ll be back again soon xx

    • Jess
      February 26, 2016 / 9:21 am

      Thanks hun loved it – we will return in the Warner weather xx

  25. February 26, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    This cottage looks very homely. You’ve made me want to go on holiday now! Might check out that link xx

    • Jess
      February 26, 2016 / 3:20 pm

      Ahhhh thanks lovely and it is a fab holiday for families xx

  26. February 26, 2016 / 9:53 pm

    That fire place is gorgeous! Given me some ideas, as we have a stone fireplace. Looks like you had a great time and such gorgeous surroundings too! #homeetc xx

    • Jess
      February 27, 2016 / 4:11 pm

      Thank you lovely and how fab to have a stone fireplace!! Very nice xx

  27. February 29, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    How very beautiful!! Whilst I don’t think living in a house like that would ever be for me, I totally love staying in pretty cottages and embracing a sense of history and cosiness, it looks and sounds idyllic Xx

  28. March 1, 2016 / 9:53 pm

    Aaah it looks SO beautiful!!!!! What a gorgeous home from home for the week — and I bet it was nice to go back to a cottage again 🙂 Cotswold stone is so beautiful isn’t it? I love the fact that even new build have to conform to the same ‘look’ as the older properties — it makes the whole of the Cotswolds such a beautiful, place to be — so easy on the eye. Glad you had a lovely time pet xx #HomeEtc

  29. March 2, 2016 / 6:44 pm

    It looks lovely Jess. The cotswolds are one of our favourite places to get away. Not too far from us either (but we are at the other end!) and perfect for both a family break and a romantic weekend I always think! Glad you had such a great time xx #HomeEtc

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