5 things I’m loving in October

Things I am loving in October

Even though we were all dreading the onset of the autumn weather and the dark nights, October actually started off pretty mild, didn’t it? I got my big coat out. And then I put it away again. I’ve therefore been living in coatigans & blazers and still been wearing my shades on the school run.

October fatigue has well and truly hit the twins though. 6 whole weeks of being at full-time school has meant that we’re getting tantrums, some silly behaviour and high exhaustion levels in our house right now. Mornings have been proving such hard work. “Get your shoes on”. “Brush your teeth”. I feel for them though, poor babies as they desperately need a rest. I am therefore quite looking forward to them having a week off for half-term and being able to chill out. PJ’s, movies and treats (for the first few days) here we come!

So here are the things that have been getting me through this month – so far – and set to keep cheering me up no end for the weeks ahead:

1/ TV & YouTube

Cold Feet this series has been brilliant. Hubby and I love catching up with the latest goings on and it’s been superb viewing. The right amount of laughter, as well as tackling more difficult issues too. Love. It.

I have also been watching more YouTube lately (even though I said I was a bit too old ‘to do YouTube’). But it’s been catching my eye more, especially on the nights that Hubby has been working away from home. I love watching Emma Hill (her style is impeccable and she’s HILARIOUS) as well as Liv Purvis and The Anna Edit. Look at me all down with the kids.

2/ Candles

My friend messaged me saying she had picked up ‘that’ Aldi candle a few weeks ago – and with the usual FOMO I get when someone tells me something like that I had to quickly dash out and buy myself one too. I got myself the No.3 pomegranate and nori and it smells amazing. I also grabbed the diffuser version too and it’s currently wafting away in my hallway. Is it as good at the hype? I guess they’re not as good quality as the Jo Malone ones, but I think they’re GREAT for £4 and well worth it if you manage to grab one.

The 5 things I am loving in october Candles are things I am loving in October favourite things this October A few of my faves this October Candles for October from HomeSense My fave things for the month of October

I also picked up some new ones yesterday in HomeSense too. As soon as the light outside goes at night now I just want to sit on the couch, watch TV and burn a candle! Autumn bliss.

3/ New knitwear

Like I said in a blog post recently I just love autumn & winter knitwear. It’s something I can’t help but being drawn towards whenever I am out shopping lately. They’re being packed into the shops quicker than we can stuff them into our shopping baskets. They are colourful, embellished, over-sized and ever-so-cosy. I picked up this cute H&M one recently and love the detail on the top. It’s super comfortable and goes great with my jeans.

Fave jumpers for October My fave knitwear this October Some of my favourites this October

Top from H&M // Hand wash from HomeSense // Jeans from New Look // Watch from Henry London

Shop more knits here:

4/ Avocado and poached eggs

I keep having avocado, poached eggs and toast for lunch every day and I am literally obsessed. It’s so delicious. I definitely need to start making myself soup again soon and trying to get more vegetables into my diet.

5/ Halloween

I am already excited about the twins doing trick-or-treating around our neighbours and seeing them both dressed up. I picked up a few costumes for them in Lidl last week so they will be skeletons. We’re also going to go and get some pumpkins next week (half-term) and do some carving. We’ve done it every year since they were little and it’s such fun. Halloween is also a great excuse to make cupcakes and eat Haribo and not feel guilty at all.

Happy October guys…

Love, Jess x

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