5 things I discovered about turning 40

by Jenny Osmond

Turning 40 definitely got me experiencing deep and meaningful thoughts about my life but also some fun stuff too, so find out more about the things I discovered turning 40 (and if you are about to reach this milestone birthday maybe you will identify with them).


You won’t have reached 40 years old without facing some upset, personal struggle, illness or other challenge. Reflecting over the years I’ve realised I have overcome difficulties and come out the other side. This has given me confidence that I can handle what life throws at me in the future. 

Treating myself to new skin care

Nothing like a big birthday to have you looking in detail at the mirror. However no drastic, extreme treatments are necessary. I’ve enjoyed discovering a whole range of treatments to help me look and feel my best. One of my recent favourites is the Caci Non Surgical lift facial, a favourite of many a celebrity. A workout for your face I find make up goes on better and I feel my face looks more brighter, firmer and glowing. It’s not cheap but if you can’t start investing in yourself at 40 then when can you?


It can be hard getting older and a bit scary too! A kind of how did this happen moment? Looking back it seems the last 40 years have raced by but I’ve made some amazing memories. I remember not everyone makes it to 40 and I feel lucky and appreciate being here. 

I love this quote from ‘The Guardian’ film. It’s from a scene with Kevin Costner’s character and his old friend Maggie about getting older. She tells him:-

“I got a few wrinkles here and there, but I’ve laid under a thousand skies on sunny days. I look and feel this way, well, cause I drank and I lived and I loved, danced, sang, sweat and screwed my way through a pretty damn good life. Gettin’ old ain’t bad man; getting old –- that’s earned.”

And let’s be honest at 40 there’s still plenty of time to dance, sing and drink! Cheers to that.

Style fun

Yes I’ll admit there are days I confess to wishing I had the face and body of a Love Island contestant, but I realise being 40 and trying to look 20 is never a good look. But no need for granny chic either. So I’ve researched and found some great accounts on Instagram with women all looking amazing at 40 that have given me style inspiration and made me feel better about my big birthday. 

Knowing yourself

I really connected with Gwyneth Paltrow in an interview about her turning 40 when she said she felt ‘upgraded’ and like she had ‘downloaded software’. She described it as being the same but different. It sounds a cliché but turning 40 has made me understand more about myself. Things like being brave about your choices, having more confidence in your abilities and not being hard on yourself.

We all make mistakes and that’s ok. You just have to keep learning and move forward. See the full Gwyneth’s interview here. 


Written by Jenny Osmond | Instagram

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