My 5 things on a Friday


Hi, how are you? Are you looking forward to the weekend?

I’ve had a really quiet week with no plans this week — I’ve been at home nearly all of it just catching up on washing, housework, work, blogging, life admin etc … and I feel much better for it!

The twins have been super tired though — Harry has had the sniffles this week and Lottie has been really clingy and not wanting to go to school, so it’s been a little stressful over here in the mornings. I’m therefore looking forward to everyone having some much needed rest this weekend.

So seeing as it is Friday (YAY) the 5 things that I wanted to share today are:

1/ If you’re a blogger then I loved this post from The Anna Edit on her view on blogging. Go read if you need a little pick me up for everything blogging. She literally ROCKS (and is the voice of a lot of sense).

2/ You all know how obsessed I am with Mango right now; everything I see is SO on trend and the pieces I have bought fit me well. Here is the Sheerluxe guide to new in at Mango for S/S, which I loved watching. I definitely want those striped trousers.


Trousers, £49.99


3/ More style on my blog! I am going to be talking much more about style on my blog going forward. I feel more confident sharing it these days, it’s become a real passion of mine again, plus I want to talk less about parenting topics now that the twins go to school. So I’ll be bringing you more of my favourite high street clothes shops, what’s new-in and what I love to wear. You can keep right up to date via my Instagram too!

4/ It’s a boy! There was a new Royal Baby this week, (although I still don’t think we have a name yet?). But how did you feel about seeing Kate looking so glam within a few hours of her birth? It seems to have been a very hot topic. I guess we all WANT to see her on the steps with the new baby…and who wants to be on the front of magazines in their tracksuit and top knot? But I do get why it could be pressure for other new Mums. To be honest, there was nothing glam about me for years after my twin birth because I was too busy and tired to bother or care! I don’t think that she was reflecting the modern woman very well but I do get why she was so dressed up. What do you think?

5/ Date night. Dave’s parents are visiting us here this weekend so we are going to grab the opportunity to go out for dinner on Saturday night, which will be nice (plus it’s a good chance to get dressed up).

And finally here are the clothes and accessories that I have got in my online shopping basket to hopefully check-out on a few new things this weekend too.

Happy weekend guys and I’ll see you next week.

Love, Jess x

Jess Soothill

Jess is a Mother of twins, blogger and writer.

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    • Jess
      May 1, 2018 / 9:43 am

      Oooh thanks for sharing – I will take a look. Love The Pool 🙂

  1. May 2, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    I really enjoy reading blogs and have taken so much inspiration from this post as well as The Anna Edit post.
    With regards to Kate Gate, I really don’t understand why we should be bashing her for looking glam, when I had my two babies via c section I was up and about with a full face of make up and my hair done. I didn’t want to sit in my pjs with messy hair, safe to say this all came to a head around 4 days after when I was exhausted and knee deep in dirty nappies, of course then I wanted a pj day, ha ha! I was on a high after the birth of my two and felt like I had extra energy but in the comfort of my own home I was a slummy mummy. I will admit that I had a spray tan, eyelash extensions and my nails done before the birth of my second child as he was a planned c section – not too posh to push, just I’m a short arse with narrow hips so can’t birth naturally.

    • Jess
      May 3, 2018 / 9:30 am

      You’re right! Not everyone wants to stay in their PJ’s for weeks on end when they have a baby, and yet a lot of people don’t want to leave the house. It’s all about the individual and how they feel. It’s an interesting debate and thanks for the comment xx

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