A Christmas party at home

A Christmas party at home - mummy of boy girl twins

We have just put the tree up in our family home and it was fantastic watching our twins really enjoying the whole process – they were SO excited! Afterwards, Dave and I were talking about how much we both just love everything Christmas. Harry & Lottie (now 4) are incredibly excited about the festive period already…but us adults are too, there’s no doubt. It’s only the 4th December and yet I already have a giddy feeling in my tummy and feel in very good spirits about the next few weeks ahead.

Aside from the big day itself, the tree, food, presents & being with loved ones, Dave and I also love the ‘run-up’ to Christmas. The annual Christmas party and all the other social & community events are exciting, as well as simply being at home together and enjoying a few drinks in front of the warm fire and by the tree.

On cosy nights in – when we have nowhere to be – Hubby and I like to make a cocktail (or two!) and enjoy our own little party at home. We also love having friends over and entertaining too; we have made such lovely new friends since we moved to Worcester nearly 18 months ago.

One cocktail that we are looking forward to enjoying this Christmas is the Snowball cocktail – loved for many generations and a particular favourite at this time of year. It’s sweet and delicious (plus it looks great too!).

A party at home this Xmas - mummyofboygirltwins A party at home: festive mummyofboygirltwins A party at home this christmas time - mummyofboygirltwins A Christmas party at home - Mummy of boy girl twins

It has made a big comeback lately due to the rising popularity of classic retro cocktails – as well as celebrities such as Nigella Lawson who said about the Snowball “the only thing I have to say is…pour me one!”.

I have made ours in some glass jugs, added Warninks Advocaat, lime & lemonade and then grated some cinnamon on top!


1/ Shake 100ml of Warninks Avodcaat and 50ml freshly squeezed lime juice, strain into a glass jar and top up with lemonade.

2/ Decorate with grated cinnamon on top and enjoy!

Perfect for enjoying with a few indulgent chocolates too, as we like to do. Cheers!

What do you love most about this time of year?

Love, Jess x

Post written in collaboration.


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