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Over the last few years (since becoming a Mum) I’ve not been one to obsess or spend lots of money on hair, make-up and beauty products. I always fancy trying new products out, but never really know where to start. I don’t always feel all that confident trying new brands either (over the years I have predominately stuck to the brands I like and know).

Since becoming a Mum of twins 5 years ago, my beauty regime and products I use have been quite low maintenance really. I guess that I have found it hard to get my beauty mojo back – as well as justifying spending a lot of money each month on myself.

But lately I have wanted a little glamour back in my life and am finding a passion for beauty again! Currently there are some beauty products that I absolutely love right now – that I cannot live without – and that are helping me to achieve a little more glam in my life!

Here are my top picks for busy Mums:


The first is a fake-tan, which I now can’t live without. I posted a photo on Instagram a month or so ago of myself in a dress, with cute sandals and jacket – and my legs looked AWFUL! Ha ha. The light of the shot didn’t help but I realised that I missed having tanned legs and arms. I used to wear fake-tan a lot when I was younger (pre-kids) and it did give me a nice glow. In the summer months I like to wear dresses and sadly I don’t have much time to lay around sun-bathing!

The brand I adore, and always have, is St Tropez and this new mousse I have been using is so effective and it really does cover well. I use a tanning mitt and put it on every few days or so.

My favourite top picks of beauty products for busy Mums Top beauty products for busy Mums My favourite beauty products


I always feel a little more glam if my nails are painted however I just don’t have spare time to go the nail salon. Also, currently I am loving pale nails. I love pinks, pastels and anything cream/white. I have just started using the brand Essie for the first time after seeing another blogger use it on Instagram and I am hooked! Such a lovely range and it lasts up to a week when applied.

Nails by Essie - my beauty products I can't live without Top beauty products - my favourite items


I picked up this Phil Smith conditioner this week from Sainsbury’s and it smells AMAZING! It also makes my hair super soft and shiny. I love finding a nice conditioner. I also cannot live without this dry-shampoo by Batiste (sold in Tesco) which helps me on the days where I don’t wash my hair. I get quite greasy hair and can’t leave it too long without washing it. This stuff is brilliant and super easy to use too.

Beauty products I am currently obsessed with Beauty products I can't do without - busy Mums guide


This is my second Infallible Matte lipstick in this L’Oreal range (at Boots) – I had an orange colour (disturbia) and now gone for the pink (oops I pink it). I must say it comes off quite quickly and I need to re-apply a lot during the day but it is easy to use and not as striking as lipstick. It’s great for use during the day and for a more casual look.

Beauty products for Mums on the go


My skin is ageing and I am finding it looking more & more tired and saggy these days! My 40th birthday is next year! I have therefore been making sure that I take my make-up off at night using a cleanser – and not with baby wipes, which I read are not good for your skin!

I am enjoying the special edition damask rose cleanser & moisturiser by The Green People which they kindly sent me recently which is so nice and smells so fresh. I have never used their products before but they are super nice to use and feel kind to my skin.

I have also been using a GLAMGLOW mud-mask which has been making my skin feel super clean afterwards. This one isn’t cheap (£40 from Debenhams) and so I only use it once a week but I’ve used lots of cheaper ones in the past and this definitely feels the best. I don’t get much chance to go and have facials these days in a spa, and so this is nice to apply when I am soaking in a bath after a long day with the children! Relaxation and luxury is a must!

Top beauty products for Mums Beauty products for my busy Mum lifeFavourite beauty products for busy Mums - by Jess Soothill

What are your favourite beauty products and what do you swear by as a busy Mum? I would love to know!

Love, Jess x


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  1. June 29, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    I love Green People products and that hand cream is wonderful. I have an unopened tub of Glam Glow in my bathroom. Tonight could be the night that I open it 🙂

    • Jess
      June 29, 2017 / 8:33 pm

      Enjoy you won’t be disappointed !!! xx

  2. June 30, 2017 / 11:11 am

    I’ve been using Phil Smith’s curly locks shampoo. It tames my natural waves enough that I can actually just let my hair dry naturally. I’m all for low maintenance. I’ve started using Rimmel eyebrow make-up. It’s cheaper than any others I’ve tried, and it’s better. lasts all day too!

    • Jess
      June 30, 2017 / 1:25 pm

      Sound fabulous! Oh me too – love low maintenance and fast results! xx

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