Greenery for the non-green-fingered

by Rachel Southern

Greenery and florals continue to be huge trends in interior design. The power of plants is being discussed in the national press, there are books dedicated to botanicals (the RHS Practical House Plant book is my personal favourite), and Pinterest searches for cactus arrangements are up by +235% as millennials seek to create their very own urban jungles to breathe life to their (mostly rented) homes.

But what do you do when your fingers are not so green? When plants perish as you walk on by and flowers wither on your window sill? In my many (MANY!) years on this planet, I’m still yet to keep a fern alive for longer than a week so I know how tricky it can be. If you’re ready to throw the towel in but still want to fill your home with greenery, here are five ways in which you can do so without blowing the bank on living, breathing botanicals.

Statement Wallpaper

How about a bold, floral wallpaper? Eternal spring, flowers that bloom all year round, and greenery that never fades. It’s a way of bringing the outdoors in but not endangering any plants in the process. Floral wallpaper’s not for the faint-hearted, especially on every wall, but my goodness, it’s happy-making. Check out Boråstapeter’s In Bloom collection for the best floral wallpaper on the market.

Plate It Up

If a full wall of florals is too overpowering, how about a few perfectly positioned botanical-themed plates? (as shown above). They look amazing against a white wall and if you purchase melamine versions, they’re both purse-friendly and lightweight enough to stick to the wall with a mere command strip or two (great if you’re renting as they won’t mark or take the paint off the wall).

Abstract Art

And then there’s the option of adding greenery and florals through artwork. If abstract art is your thing, look no further than contemporary artist, Yvonne Coomber, whose work is packed full of florals and bursting with colour. Yvonne takes inspiration from the beautiful Devon countryside and offers limited edition prints of her paintings – a more affordable way of owning a piece of her stunning work.

Fake It

I’m still not sure where I stand on fake plants and flowers. Yes, they can be a practical and reasonably pretty option but close up, I’m just not sure about them. Plants are definitely more convincing that faux flowers, and the nicest I’ve found is an ivy garland. Shop around and I’m sure that you’ll find something that you like, though.

Paper Craft It

Finally, if you’re feeling crafty, how about making your own floral garland or botanical bunting out of paper? The handmade touch works particularly well in children’s rooms. Have a look at this tutorial for a sweet flower garland or check out these dinosaur-themed crafts, including monstera-leaved jungle bunting.


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