How I am staying happy this autumn

How I am staying happy - autumn time

When the darker mornings start (seriously, how hard is it to get up at the moment?) and it’s getting late earlier at night, it can be easy to want to hibernate and get into bad habits. Such as eating ice-cream and chocolate whilst watching TV every night, not socialising much and generally feeling pretty low. The change in season is absolutely beautiful outside – with all the stunning colours outdoors – however, the onset of autumn/winter time can have an impact on people’s mood and motivation.

Personally, over the last few weeks, I have found it a little harder to stay as motivated as when the sun was bursting into our bedroom on a hot summer’s day. It made me jump out of bed, open the curtains and start the day in the BEST mood. These colder, dreary, grey mornings lately are making me want to press snooze repeatedly and hide under our thick duvet for hours. But we can’t can we? We all have children, a home, jobs and a busy life to get on with. So here’s how I plan on staying happy this autumn and making sure that the change in season doesn’t affect my mood!


One thing that darker colder weather makes me want to do, is stay indoors and eat more naughty things. But this in fact makes me feel worse overall! So what really makes me really happy is staying fit and keeping up the gym sessions (even though it’s tougher to get going at the moment). I find that my mood is lifted when I exercise and have been to the gym. Going there at this time of the year is harder and so I need extra motivation to do so but it’s worth it when I go!


I know, I know. I am like a broken record at the moment…but the very BEST thing about autumn arriving is the style. That is definitely worth celebrating right now! OK so it’s cold, miserable and dark out, but we can wear jumpers again. And ankle boots! And coats! Yay! I can’t dress my self properly in the summer and never know what to wear…but in autumn I love my whole wardrobe. I am definitely embracing style this season and making the most of this stylish time of year. There’s some amazing new jumpers, coats, cardigans, jeans, boots and bags out currently and it is exciting to pick up some new pieces. Oh my – we love you autumn style.

Happiness this autumnHappy this autumn How to feel happy this autumn and winter How I plan to stay happy this autumn

This beautiful knit that I am wearing above is from Wrap London (Julie sweater), from the ‘new in’ range for autumn/winter that they kindly sent me this week. It is snuggly and the neck is perfect for hiding from the cold! Pus the colour goes with everything I own. Although their clothing is more on the expensive side it is such beautiful quality and this is an item that will last me for a long time. I love fast-fashion but I am also trying to build up some quality, classic pieces into my wardrobe too that I love to wear.


Making my home cosier for nights in makes me feel uplifted and makes me happy when I am at home. Candles, throws, cushions, rugs and lamps all help to give my home extra comfort and I have been adding in some pieces to create more of a Scandinavian look. I have got a few plans to decorate a few rooms shortly to finish some areas off. It makes me happy to feel cosy at home when the twins are in bed and I get to catch up with my Hubby and the TV. We have been loving watching Cold Feet, The Great British Bake Off (which has grown on me more and more this series) and The Apprentice, which was back this week!

A cosy home this autumn A lovely home this autumn Feeling happiness this autumn and how to How I am staying happy this season - autumn


Having plenty of coffee dates and nights out is important – even at the this time of year. It’s too easy cancel plans and to stay at home all the time. I therefore plan to keep a busy social life, which in turn helps me to stay happy. Plus chatting to other people and talking about life is a great way of de-stressing.


At this time of year my hands and face feel affected too. As a busy Mum I don’t have a lot of time to pamper myself (I REALLY need a spa day!) and so I try to use products to help me stay hydrated and fresh. I love this body cream that I bought from & Other Stories recently – it smells amazing, so fruity! I try to use it as much as I can during the week after a morning shower to keep my skin hydrated. I try to drink a lot of water too and not drink too much coffee all the time (although this is a REAL challenge sometimes!) to help my skin looking fresh.

Me time and beauty this autumn Feeling pampered this autumn

I’d love to hear how you get on in these darker and colder months. Let me know if it affects you too!

Love, Jess x





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  1. October 10, 2017 / 10:48 am

    Loved reading this! This time of year is so cosy, isn’t it?! I need to invest in some new Autumn candles. I love making our home feel cosy when the evenings get darker quicker. xx

    • Jess
      October 11, 2017 / 12:26 pm

      Thanks Alex much appreciated 🙂 xx

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