How I fit exercise into my life, without leaving the house

by Jess Soothill

Rather than join a gym in January (like a lot of people are doing right now) my husband and I have actually given our notice in to quit ours. We were a little fed up with the 30 minute commute there and back (who has a spare hour to do that?) and wanted to make exercise more accessible for our busy lives.

The thing that I’ve found about fitness, during the last few years, is that you have to try a few different things out to see what you like. I’m not really a classes person, although some people absolutely love them. Other people rely on a personal trainer, for the routine and motivation, but I like having more flexibility to do it whenever I can. I’m also seasonal with my exercise too; I like running in the warmer months, and then doing fitness in and around my home more during the winter. Ultimately, you have to find whatever you like to do best, and then really try to squeeze that into your week.

So here’s how I am fitting exercise into my life right now, without even leaving the house:

Home gym

We are lucky to have a double garage with our house, which is now our new home gym. It has got the key equipment in it that we both want to use. For me, there’s a rowing machine, boxing bag, kettle bells and small weights. Dave also has some extra weights and other gym equipment for him too.

My routine (currently) is rowing, boxing, kettlebells, rowing. I find that it all takes me around 35-40 mins (ish). This is perfect for me because I get bored quite quickly, so this kind of routine is ideal as it keeps me interested. Doing shorter, quicker, high intensity workouts more often works really well for me. I put the tunes on loud (I have a playlist) and get really sweaty!

However, you don’t need a dedicated space to do this if you haven’t got much room at home. Just a few weights is enough, or perhaps an exercise bike in a spare room, if you can.

Living room

Inside our home, YouTube is my go-to tool for working out. We have a smart TV so I can get YouTube on there. I love YouTube because it’s absolutely packed full of whatever I want — from high intensity training and cardio, to pilates and yoga. You can find any class or sessions to suit you.

For HIIT I love Fitness Blender — I can pick the length of the workout and it also tells you the calories you are burning as you go through. You can find over 500 free workouts by length, difficulty, training type, muscles used, calorie burn & more.

For yoga, I prefer Yoga with Adriene — right now I am still a beginner. I like her style and relaxed approach. There is a session on her channel for anyone starting out, through to advanced yoga.

I try to workout, using a mixture of the above, three times a week. Sometimes this is less, due to life (which I don’t beat myself up about) and sometimes I do more. However, I really try hard to fit it into my life because I value it. Like I say a lot on this blog, exercise is great for my positive outlook on life; it makes me feel happier and makes me feel better about myself. I give it priority over something else I would be doing for half an hour (like cleaning or scrolling on social media).

I don’t work out to look hot, I don’t have abs and I certainly wouldn’t beat most of my friends in a race, but I do exercise that I enjoy and that keeps my mind positive/my outlook rosy. And making it work for me (on my terms) — i.e. being able to do it in our home — has helped me not to make any of those excuses up anymore.


Written by Editor, Jess Soothill

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Jess Soothill

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  1. January 29, 2019 / 1:12 pm

    I love this positive post. I’ve worked out at home for 7 years and only joined a gym last year for 6 months (we moved towns). I’m only just finding my feet in my new area but work out 5 times a week with a mixture of kettlebells, cardio and HIIT. It makes me feel great but I’m slowly getting to the point where I need a bit more, so I’ve found a brilliant gym right near my house, I’ll combine the two (gym and working out at home) and hopefully see some progression. My aim (not really that exciting) is to run 5K.

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