My 5 things on a Friday


Hi guys, how are you on this Friday? Good I hope — and I hope you have a lovely weekend planned.

So will you be watching the England game? Even though I’m not into football, their last game was very exciting and tense (penalties!) and so I’m really hoping they win the next one. Dave is VERY excited and already has his Saturday afternoon planned!

The weather has still been off-the-scale HOT, phew…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this way for the 6 week school summer holidays ahead.

So as it’s Friday (YAY!) here are the 5 things that I wanted to share with you guys from this week:

1/ Good Mum Bad Mum. I have made some lovely friends through blogging over in Cheltenham and that’s mostly thanks to Kate from CheltenhamMaman who organises lots of events. Her latest podcast that she’s recently launched is fab and I’m enjoying listening…Kate’s a real natural and it’s like I’m there having coffee with them. You can find the episodes here.

2/ Latest book. I have just ordered the Dolly Anderton book, ‘Everything I Know About Love’ and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve heard and seen SO many good things. Maybe a little read for me when I’m catching some rays in the garden.

3/ Goals. I wrote a blog post about my July goals this week, which I feel good for sharing. I’m feeling positive about this month and have some good goals to (hopefully) nail over the next few weeks.

4/ Work it. Work-wise I’ve had some changes recently, i.e. I’m not working with any clients at the moment on their social media on a freelance basis. When a client reduced my hours to take some work in-house recently I took the decision to finish that side of things completely and feel so positive about it. Whilst I really enjoyed working with clients and doing different things outside of my blog (it’s good to have variety and different sources of income) at the moment I just want to focus solely on blogging and influencing. I’m busy enough with that and thus feel as though my current work-life balance is ideal.

Even though I have gained a lot of experience in social media over the last few years, I have realised that I don’t want to launch a social media management business working for clients, as that isn’t where my passion lies. I simply don’t enjoy it enough to want to do it all day long. However, never say never…because you literally don’t know what’s around the corner in this industry and it’s therefore always good to keep all your options open.

5/ And finally here are the clothes and accessories that I’ve got in my online shopping basket to hopefully check-out on a few new things this weekend too. Warning: very summery and gorgeous! 

Happy weekend guys, enjoy the glorious sunshine once more and I’ll see you again next week.

Love, Jess x





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  1. July 9, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Yippee for finding a better work/life balance, something I very much need to do xx

    • Jess
      July 9, 2018 / 12:37 pm

      Thanks lovely and yes it is the holy grail isn’t it? xx

  2. July 12, 2018 / 4:04 pm

    Sounds like a positive step you’ve taken to redress the work/life balance. I’m sort of in the opposite position at the moment where I’m desperate to get going with a bit of work and making some income even if just a little- I’d considered doing freelance social media management but have no idea where to even begin with that?! Any advice? LOVE the Mango dress in your shopping basket xx

    • Jess
      July 16, 2018 / 12:57 pm

      Thanks lovely, and for the comment. My happened mostly organically (people approached me to see if I wanted to work for them) and we took it from there. It is really useful to have a blog and social media though to show what you can do. Maybe start by approaching some small local businesses that might need some support, or contact some clients that you’ve already worked for in blogging?
      Good luck and I am sure you’ll be fab at it 🙂 xx

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