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Hi, how are you on this Friday? Good I hope. I hope you have a lovely weekend planned.

Isn’t it literally so cold right now? Temperatures have dropped below freezing and I even wore a bobble hat yesterday. It feels as though winter is now ready to make its mark and that Christmas is truly on its way. I have bought some Christmas presents now (hurrah) but I really need to pull my finger out and buy some more, which I will probably give my focus to next week.

So as it’s Friday (YAY!) here are the 5 things that I wanted to share with you guys that I’ve been into this week:


I realise that it’s Black Friday today and so you’re probably all online getting great deals right now, however I just wanted to say that you don’t need to get caught up in the hype and don’t buy anything you don’t need, right guys? That said, there are some great deals about and so if you are still doing your Christmas shopping then it is worth looking around for gifts with big %’s off. Good luck.


I’ve mentioned a few times on here and via my Instagram that I’ve been feeling a little ‘meh’ with everything blogging, social media and freelance throughout parts of this year. It’s not that I haven’t had great collaboration opportunities, or that I haven’t met great people, because I have to both, it’s just that mentally things have really shifted for me over the last 12 months.

I’ve been weekly blogging here for over four years now and posting to Instagram almost daily for the last few years and yet recently I have felt as though it’s time for a change for me, (or for a new, exciting venture). I absolutely LOVE writing here on my blog and get a lot of creative pleasure from it, plus the people I engage with on Instagram are very friendly, entertaining and inspiring, but personally I don’t feel the same passion and hunger for making a success of it all like I used to.

I’m totally thinking out loud here but I just wanted to say that I’ll be processing these thoughts over the Christmas period and seeing where that takes me for the new year ahead. I also wanted to mention it here too because I’ve seen so many others saying the same thing lately; thus something must be in the air. So although it’s a bit cryptic this one today (soz) it is okay to be at a career crossroads and to also recognise when you need some change/a new focus. I used to career coach many people in my old role in Human Recourses and came across this a lot in the workplace. I’ll obviously keep you guys posted on my thoughts and plans (as always).


Hubby and I are absolutely LOVING Informer on the BBC at the moment and I can’t wait to watch the last few episodes (we’re over half way through the series). It’s gripping, well acted and has a really good story going through. Highly recommend it.


If you love Pandora Sykes, (mother, journalist and podcast host) as much as I do, and also Emma Gannon (author and podcast host), then you’ll love this episode of Ctrl Alt Delete too. They discuss sharing content online, multi-hyphenate careers, writing, authenticity and sticking to what feels right for you. It’s a real gem of an interview.


And finally, here’s what I’ve picked out of the UK high street to share with you today. It’s mostly gift-guide focused, for anyone still looking for present ideas for their loved ones. You. Are. Welcome.

Happy weekend, stay warm and take care guys.

Love, Jess x

Jess Soothill

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