_MG_3507Lots of the twins friends like a comfort item. Favourite blanket, toy, teddy or rabbit. It makes them feel content; they like to carry it around, and go to bed with it.

Lottie started off, at around 12 months old, becoming attached to a cuddly monkey. She saw him in a shop one day, pointed to him excitedly and REALLY wanted him. He’s been her best buddy ever since.

Next was a pink sleeping bag (one she had previously slept in). I have no idea why she selected that. However, she did. And it has slowly developed into ‘Blankie’. Blankie goes everywhere. And now it is one of her most treasured things ever.

Except that Blankie is quite long, and bulky; when she walks she drags it along the floor – especially outside. And so it gets dirty and muddy. And when I try to wash it she stands in front of the washing machine and cries – until it’s been dried (and made all dirty again) and then she’s happy. View Post